when i go to singapore…

i wanna try out their mcD. ;D

results of a late night chat with a hungry stomach and a singaporean = comparisons between mcD’s menu in both countries.

i wanna try their mcwings, mcgriddles!! and maybe their apple dippers too. the rest all we have already don’t need to try.

on a completely unrelated note, 4 years from now, i wanna be in london. maybe i can go see olympics some more. or i could settle with shopping and being touristy. ;D it’s good to have a goal isn’t it? so yeah. i wanna be in london four years from now. let’s hope i can make it.

on another different note, i wanna go try out carl’s jr. when i’m back in kl. this time die die also have to try. if no one wants to try with me i’ll just buy and bring home as my lunch + dinner. see, not expensive what, can separate into 2 meals. so worth the money. blek. chilli cheese fries please wait for me~

p.s. can you tell i’m craving for fries all of a sudden? o.o

3 thoughts on “when i go to singapore…

  1. when you go carl’s jr, buy that one with the mushroom one, should be nicer, plain beef is too beefy, and buy chicken fingers too, damn nice, but the hot sauce sucks though. seriously, the burger is so huge you might even split it to 3 meals >.>

  2. i think i should have ordered the double beef one, too beefy makes me full fast. didn’t exactly split into 3, but my father, my mother and I shared that burger and the chicken finger or stick thing. with one refillable cup =x

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