My favourite things

Tagged by Kritz. Imma do it ’cause I’m nice like that. 😛

Number : 4. Yes, the ‘inauspicious’ number especially hated by chinese. I was born on the 4th! You can’t blame me for liking the number. Bleh.

Colour : All time favourite is lavender. But am currently liking blood red as well.

Day : Saturdays. The one day I can wake up and sleep whenever I feel like it unless stupid uni has stupid extra classes.

Month : Err… none in particular.

Song : It changes from time to time.

Food : Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Malay, Indian, French … wait, they didn’t limit to one right? Heh.

Sport : S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. That is considered a sport on my planet kay.

Drink : Fruit juices. I quite like those from Juice Works. ^_^

Candy : Not much of a candy person. But I like chocolates I guess. Who doesn’t? ._. *coughexceptformydadcough*

Ice Cream : COOKIES AND CREAM! Not like you couldn’t tell from my blog name …

Season : Winter ❤ Snow ❤ Snow angels ❤ Snow flakes ❤ Snow cones ❤

Band : Uh … none in particular.

Movie : Current favourites – Kung Fu Panda 😀 The Dark Knight ❤

Website : My blog. ._. I’m narcissistic. What to do?

Animal : Puppies. Polar bear cubs. Kittens. Aaaaa I want to cuddle one now.

Item of Clothing : Currently into dresses. Heh.

Word : Huh? (Yes, that’s the word)

Place : Paris! Japan! 😀

I tag : Whoever is free lah. Maybe nut nut again. And yong meh meh if she’s bored. (I think she is)

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