It is time like this that makes me feel overworked, and unappreciated. I’m so stressed out that it’s not even funny anymore. Just this morning I had a gastric attack that made me wanna curl up into a little ball and die.

Even taking time out to shower and have a drink of water made me feel like I’m slacking off. To think that some people are actually so freaking lazy that they basically copy-pasted everything into a document and call it a day just makes me wanna smack the hell out of them. A big fuck-you to the very very wonderful person.

Now I’ve to go and continue slaving over other people’s part of the assignment because they did such a shitty job. Wanna copy-paste at least pick from several different websites please, you fucking copy and paste from ONE single website even I can tell from a single glance that it’s not your own work. Fucking pissed when people think they can treat me like a dumb fuck.

I’m so tired now that even blinking my eyes freaking hurts. And the sad part is I’m not even exaggerating.

Update: Whoa, it is now 7.15am in the morning. And I am awake. Wait, I still haven’t slept at all since yesterday. What a wonderful Sunday. No wonder my skin’s suffering major breakouts. Time to catch some zzz now, gotta wake up later and continue editting. Sigh.

Oh, and for the record, in a team of 10 people, 2 of them are basically doing nothing but waiting to claim credit for things other people slaved over. And another one of them is the one who copy and pasted from one single website and called it a day. I fucking hate group assignments. IF I wanted to, I COULD rat them out to my lecturer. Maybe I should. That should teach them a fucking lesson for fucking around when others are dying while trying to make the deadline on time, shouldn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Glacial

  1. u shud really rest more.. havent visit ur blog for some time now.. nevertheless ur blog always give me the insight of what utar is all about.. and i can really feel ur pain.. u shud get to knw more bout it in ur year 3.. IA coming soon eh? get a good company and enjoy ur IA.. i enjoyed mine tho.. and a reminder.. do not volunteer for campaign posts or get nominated.. its more work then u have now..

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