Bath time stories

I enjoy showering. I like feeling squeaky clean after a long cold shower. Yes, I’m one of the rare few that enjoys a cold shower. Some people like their water to be hot till the point of scalding, but not me. Gimme ice cold shower over scalding hot water any day I tell ya.

More importantly, I love the way the smell of my shampoo and body wash linger on my body for hours after my shower. Call me narcissistic, but I do like the way I smell. There’s just something about the after shower smell that makes me happy. Almost like I’m brand new again.

And I’d like to share with you guys my favourite shampoos and body washes today. For no reasons at all. Oh wait, I do have a reason. I happen to love the smell of my shampoo and body wash. A lot.

L’Oreal Elseve Nutri Gloss is my current favourite shampoo. I’ve actually just started using it today despite having bought it quite some time ago. The smell though nice, is nothing to shout about. But the effect, oohhh, I tell you … the effect is simply … I can’t find a word for it. My hair is like extra smooth and extra straight after using it. For a lazy bum like me who couldn’t be bothered with using conditioner on my hair, which resulted in the ends of my hair looking dry and dull, this shampoo is simply heaven-sent. Now I look forward to shower time even more. 😀

The shampoo is the third from left. No I didn’t buy the entire range because I KNOW I wouldn’t use it. My tube of Pantene conditioner has been used a grand total of two times ever since I moved to Kampar early this year. I’m just much too lazy to be bothered with applying conditioner. Thank goodness my hair is easy to manage.

Next up is my body wash. I have been using nothing else but J&J body wash for years. Simply because I love love love the smell. Yes, I am using it only because I like the smell. No fancy fancy antibacterial or extra moisturising thingy for me. I’m currently using the one in blue.

No real pictures because I’m lazy like that. And it being almost 4am in the morning. Heh. What to do. I just finished showering and wanted to blog about this kind of thing all of a sudden. The smell of this isn’t as strong as the peach one, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less. ❤ I was using the peach one before I switched to this. And I have the milk one back in KL. Sigh, I should just sign a contract with J&J I think. Since I don’t use anything else but their range of body wash.

I know that this post is extremely random and some people might just go wtf? when reading this. But I don’t care, ’cause I’m random like that. And no, I wasn’t paid a single cent to write this. I just felt like talking about my bathing products all of a sudden. Darn the assignments stress.

Time to go to bed I think. I’ve to get up early to print my assignment stuff tomorrow morning before going to uni for my presentation. Sigh. Let’s just hope the lecturer doesn’t give me a hard time tomorrow like she always does. Do lah last minute work some more, tsk. I never learn.

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