The pursuit of happiness

Today, I watched The Pursuit of Happiness. In the movie, Will Smith said that perhaps happiness is something that can only be pursue, perhaps it can never really be yours.

Today, I stopped someone from pursuing his happiness. Because I don’t think that happiness he was pursuing can really be his.

Today, I trampled on someone’s heart all over again. Even if I didn’t want to.

It pains me so, as I loved that person.

It pains me so, to crush that little hope that he was sustaining on.

It pains me so, to turn away a person’s kindness and sacrifices.

It pains me so, to lose that someone because I couldn’t give him what he wanted, even if it was just that little bit of hope.

I wish I could give him that tiny hope he was asking for.

I wish I could just don’t deal with this kind of situation.

I wish I didn’t have to choose between love and friendship.

I wish things didn’t have to change so much.

I wish he would put down the grunges and still be my friend.

I wish everyone would let things be, and not judge.

I wish things I do would not upset anyone.

I wish I could fix everything I had messed up.

I wish for him to be happy.

I wish … I was gone.

2 thoughts on “The pursuit of happiness

  1. Haha.. Popo, wad lah you.
    Why you care ppl leh!
    Pursuit your one lah~
    Ppl can handle their life.
    Your life, your responsibility loh~

    Walao… wish you gone…
    U so young, already got popo punya thinking.
    Memang popo!

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