Mega sales addiction and shameless camwhoring

I can’t help it. Everytime I get to a shopping mall during this mega sales period, I can’t help but to buy something. And usually, my wallet and bank account will feel extremely empty afterwards.

I went back to KL again this weekend and went out with my best friend. Be forewarned, this post contains a lot of pictures. If you don’t feel like seeing a bunch of pretty much pointless camwhoring photos, you can close this page now and come back another day heh.

Our destination for the day was Mid Valley. We had lunch at Paddington’s House of Pancakes! My second visit heh. Me likes pancakes.

What I ordered. Sigh it looks pretty similar to what I had the last time I was in PHOP. Can’t help it. 😦 With my stupid ankle like that, I don’t have much choices. T_T

What Shao Yong ordered. I couldn’t order this one even though I badly wanted to. See the omelette? Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t.

Lunch wasn’t bad. I’d love to go back there and try their sweet pancakes someday though. 🙂 Heard their dollar pancake’s nice. Ngehehe.

Then we shopped till our legs almost fell off. Lol. I spent so much on nothing it’s not even funny. T___T I did got myself a lovely purple dress though. Lovely in my point of view lah, since purple’s my favourite colour. Hehe. I wanted to get another pair of heels but unfortunately the store ran out of my size. Sob.

It’s fun, and while we were waiting for Sam to join us for dinner, we camwhored right in front of Watson to pass time. It’s not a girl’s outing without camwhoring no? And yes, we camwhored in front of the crowd.People were staring at us like we’re a couple of lunatics or something. -_-

In colour




Then in sepia ’cause we decided that we look ghostly and fugly under those harsh indoor lighting. >.>








Then we tried black and white. Variety, ya know?







#17 Failed attempt at creating a finger frame.

#18 Still failed. -.-

#19 with samsam the cow.


#21 Excuse the pouts. I was trying to look like I’m kissing the cow. >.>

We would’ve camwhored more if not for the fact that Sam had already reached and was walking towards us while we were still camwhoring. Dinner was at Delifrance where once again I couldn’t order anything with seafood or egg in it. Sigh.

My spaghetti bolognese with meatballs. The two thingy poking out of my pasta are deep fried spaghetti strand. I have no idea why they place two antennas in my food. Reception better gua.

Shao Yong’s spaghetti with chicken sausages. With antennas too.

Sam’s lambshank. Oh I just realised I forgot to take a picture of his seafood platter. Yes, the fella ordered two main courses. And according to him, the seafood platter wasn’t nice. But of course I couldn’t testify to that ’cause well, I couldn’t eat it could I?

And that sorta conclude my Saturday.

But on Sunday, I went to Pavilion because I die die also have to get the pair of heels that they ran out of sizes for at Mid Valley. And of course, I got em. Wahahahahaha. No pictures ’cause I’m lazy like that. But it’s a pair of jeans stilettos. xD And that’s why I’m broke right now. Kthxbye. Oh oh, and I almost forgot, I had lunch in TGI Fridays. Food wasn’t nice, go for the deserts. Specifically cookies and cream. Anything with cookies and ice cream is an instant hit with me. That sorta explains why I’m such a sucker for Baskin Robbin’s cookie dough ice cream. And Haagen Daz’s cookies and cream. Sigh. And that’s why yours truly is still stuck at 42kg despite wanting to lose weight since ages ago.

p.s. I didn’t photoshop the pictures ar yong. Sorry. T_T This laptop doesn’t have the software. Please don’t kill me. I picked the nicer looking ones to post up already.

p.p.s. Believe it or not, we took almost 50 pictures. And I managed to cut it down to just over 20. *bigweteyes* So proud of myself. So which one do you like? 😀

13 thoughts on “Mega sales addiction and shameless camwhoring

  1. wah… damn rich lah u…
    kenot but de shoe nxt day buy. geng.
    summore food all so high class… haih…
    i think i will have to work lot lot times if i wan eat those.

    rich popo

  2. Grandpa: Not rich. I never buy things I can’t afford ler. It’s mega sale what, don’t buy now then wait till no sales then buy?

    Sam: I miss the cookies and cream! Lol. Oh yeah, I fixed the picture already.

    kritz: Different lah, I’m like… short? T________T With my height it’s supposed to be around this kinda weight lol. Sad.

  3. hmm….a few of the pics not tt bad even though u din edit it…hahaha :p next time can use my hp to take pic coz got front camera…easier for us to camwhore…muahahaha…tt time may reach 100 o…

  4. Grandpa: Ish, now your room very clean meh?

    yong: Aaaaa… people buy new phone liao come lansi. Hahaha…got me ma, of course not that bad. xD I think that day if Sam haven’t come we might reach 100. O.O

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