Good news, Bad news

Good news: I managed to finish my POP assignment report in time.
Bad news: We have to retouch up on quite a few parts. And pass it up tomorrow.

Good news: I finished my POP presentation.
Bad news: I sucked. And I made a bunch of silly blunders due to nerves and forgetfulness.

Good news: I didn’t oversleep today.
Bad news: I still missed my first class, IPC.

Good news: My tutor still allowed me to sign my attendance.
Bad news: I failed my IPC mid-term.

Bad news: I fell down the steps of the bus.

Bad news: I skinned both my knees and my little poor toe.

Bad news: I also sprained my left leg.

Bad news: I have to refrain from eating seafood, eggs and basically everything nice.

Bad news: I can’t wet my leg.

Bad news: Stupid sinseh ripped me off. Fucking RM130 for a bottle of stupid oil and some silly bandages that stinks like nobody’s business.

Bad news: I think I just aggravated my injuries ’cause I slipped a lil in the bathroom just now.

Bad news: I can barely walk. And my room is on the second floor. Which means, hobble hobble, ground floor, hobble hobble, first floor landing, hobble hobble, second floor landing, hobble hobble, room.

Bad news: I can’t go out for dinner, mamak or anything else for the matter. Civilised living is a 30 minutes walk away. And an hour plus of hobbling away.

Bad news: I still have 2 assignments due this week and I have to touch up the other one.

Bad news: This entry is late for 11 hours ’cause when I was just going to press the ‘publish’ button,my internet went kaput and died on me. Which means I can’t do my assignments either. Wait, I guess that’s another bad news huh?

10 thoughts on “Good news, Bad news

  1. i think ur feng shui no good la.
    maybe u should wear more red underwear or something. lol
    anti-bad luck mah. popo like u very easy kena shui shui punya.
    i teach u some tips lah.
    in return, u giv me some beer can liao.

  2. wah?! say me like i kenot drink liddat!!
    I can drink de leh!!
    Juz shui shui wil vomit once awhile de mah…
    a special person of mine told me to vomit out de leh…
    even i dunwan vomit, she say use finger force it leh…
    to think of it, that’s a good advice.

    ugh… wan vomit liao.. lol

  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooo.dont talk bout liquor pls.AAAA.only empty bottles in my room.ugh.cant get any liquor.noooooooooooo.
    i wanna drink nooooooooooo.must control.must…must…control.

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