18 thoughts on “sober

  1. Y u remind me of my phone when no bateri liao de…
    I charge my hp when no bateri.
    So it can works with me again.
    U betta go charge urself!! Or i’ll b the resident evil hunter kill u zombieng!!

  2. Grumpy: My inner battery is something like my handphone battery now. It’s a lil wonky and dies super fast. -_-

    kritz: Caught. But have to do assignments since I woke up already. Sigh. Yeah, I’m a lil confused with it. @.@ What with all the new account signing up and stuff.

  3. swt.
    then go buy new bateri la. not like u veri poor only…
    inner bateri oso go chg la.
    u livin inside a box, go open ur door & find other nonsense 2 do la. lol

  4. swt. y u nid car in kampar? lol WALK LAH.
    i knw la.. u popo kenot walk de la… y not u go roller blade? lol

    got alot nonsense u can do wan leh…
    such as er… yoga class ar, jogging ar, anything dat is sporty de lah.
    later u dun just like a popo, u walk like a popo i’ll laugh off my fake teeth. lol

  5. No roller blade here. I am not popo. T_T If I am then you’re my grandpa. Ish.

    Sports and me? Not a good mix. The only sports I enjoy are shopping and ice skating. T_T Both also cannot do here.

    Btw, popo don’t wear 4 inch heels like me okay.

  6. haha. ooo… den u the “in-type” popo loh.
    cheh, u say not good mix only mah.
    see, u think inside d box again. OPEN YOUR DOOR LA.

    shopping? Ice skating. walao, all oso no eco friendly nia. do smthing beneficial to the WORLD!! like, buy old news paper. lol

    wah… say like i’m your gong gong… me no old. me MATURE! and HANDSOME! LOLZ

  7. I am lazy lah. Don’t like sports. T_T

    What no eco friendly. Shopping – I’m helping our country’s economy okay. Ice skating – Now global warming so I have to go cool down. See, got reasons wan. Buy old newspaper? I sell to you la, you save the earth. And save me from going broke. 😀

    Mature? Handsome? Who??? O.O Sure not you rite. Hahahahaha.

  8. u deny d fact of my handsomeness. nvm, i’m good. 4giv u.

    walaowei. cooldown urself call eco friendly ar. dat rilli is nonsense liao. no sense at ALL. lol
    u sell to me for wad. i giv u imaginary money u wan?? 1 million oso can. see, me so generous. lol

  9. haha.. deal your head.
    u think i got free time to giv u money ar.
    me oso kenot live properly liao still wan do charity…
    u donate lah. sell ur jewelry and spare me some cash… lol

    now thats a deal!

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