narcissism at its best

I need something to distract me. I hate this feeling. I need to breathe. Inhale, exhale.

Here’s something for you to distract (read: waste time) yourself over. Be it from homework or life or whatever. Lol. 😛

kthxbai. shall update when i’ve edited some more pics. or not.

20 thoughts on “narcissism at its best

  1. kritz: Yeah, the old one’s kinda depressing after awhile. 🙂 Thanks. Hehe… that’s what happens when you procrastinate too much like me. -.-

    catherine: Thanks. 😀 I was too free hehe.

  2. thats y i say, u modern type popo.
    do those weird stuff nia popo.

    i no nd logic wan. common sense can liao.
    logic wil make u think think think.
    then turn into u. popo.

  3. Walao… Who Grandpa u talkin wor…
    Who say common sense need logic wan.
    no need de. need brains only.
    which i have. wuahaha…

    popo, i still prefer the laz one lah……………………………………….

  4. wah… say until like u very in like dat…
    change is change.
    but slowly d (-)tive wil show de lor…
    atleast de old wan u knw almost everything liao mah.
    use to it liao.

    i dun like blogging la.
    i dun like show my vocab skill 2 the public.
    i scare all will jealous. lol

  5. Grandpa: Lol. But I get bored of the old one already. So change lo. 😛 Scared people jealous or scared people can’t understand your english? Hahahahaha.

    Sam: Haha…that’s why I changed it. Too depressing after awhile.

  6. What saying you…. my shakespear english leh… scare no one understand lah… lol…

    get bored?!
    walao… then die loh…
    means everything around you oso cannot stay long de lor…
    so easy get tired de…

    kenot like dat ar popo…
    have to be consistent!! lol

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