looking back

It was a little more than a month ago, that things had started to change. Those changes while inevitable, also made me a little melancholic.

I had hope against hope that things wouldn’t be that different. But still, they changed, more so than I would’ve liked them to. Looking back at a few months ago, things seemed so … familiar, and yet distant. Things that I used to do with some of my friends can never be done again. Not with the same people. Not all of them. Not at all like it used to be.

In a way, I am sad. You may say life goes on, but I couldn’t just put a whole year of friendship behind me. I couldn’t just, move on like that. I miss those happy times.

There are some things I’m glad I’ve put behind me. But there are also some things I wish I didn’t have to leave behind. But I guess such is life, you can never get things to be exactly the way you want them to be, can you?

27 thoughts on “looking back

  1. The problem I’m facing is befriending someone I hate so much. I don’t wish to make everything change but it is so … …

    To think that I don’t even have a close friend in my school >.>

  2. Kritz: Yeah, I understand your feeling. Having to pretend to like someone just because … sigh. But trust me, the best friends you can get is from school. When you get older, it gets even harder to find a true friend.

    Grumpy: It’s easier said than done. Though I don’t mind looking a tad older than I do now. =.- What is with everyone calling me a small kid. -.- Finals? I’m dead.

    -sqiang-: I know I should look forward, but sometimes looking back makes me see things in a different way, you know?

    almost loved: Dealing, dealing. Sigh. I deal with it everyday.

  3. haha, fine, i call u popo then.
    eh, popo. if u sad, watch funny clips from youtube la. haha…
    is a easy ticket towards happy mood. well, onli can laz few min nia. lol

    u r small wad. always emo wif stoopid tings.

    walao… like dat u die a… then i more lian the body oso gone lo….

  4. I said a tad older! Not THAT much older la. T_T Lol. Was watching just now then I came and check my blog. -.- I can watch whole day leh, my assignments… HAIH.

    I am not small! And those are not stoopid things. @.@

    I have been slacking this whole semester. T_T Bye bye 3pointer.

  5. haha, den u should call lazy popo. suits u 99%

    assignment? aiya, u good in englisg wad. sure can make story de lah. use hard words lah. ur lecturer sure pengsan till say is good assigment. lol

    u not small meh? k lo. den, u r young lo. LOL not stoopid meh? after weeks later u think back u now, u will laugh why u worry bout these stoopid things de liao. lol

  6. “In a way, I am sad. You may say life goes on, but I couldn’t just put a whole year of friendship behind me. I couldn’t just, move on like that. I miss those happy times.”

    Neh, read properly. 6th word.

    Study group can’t make it already. Assignment due on Tuesday! Kill me now.

  7. Kill u? 4 wad… u r not worth 2 dirty my name. LOL

    aiya, then mai fast fast do loh… still read blog… like u very the fee like dat…

    sad? ooo…. den sad of wad? dat can spoil ur day to do ur assignment?

  8. haiya, u not an oven oso. i splash u cold water can laio la.

    U lazy? wah… den u change d whole skin got time do assignment no time la. swt

  9. rushed. till 3am. and yeah, i was kinda emo-ing before i started to do it. T_____T am i that predictable ar? lol. but hey, once i started i didn’t stop till i finished my part kay? so guai 😀

  10. u r guai as in weird k?
    not good guai. haha
    or u wan turtle nia guai oso can. lol

    aiya, look at u oso noe lah.
    emo emo emo. if one day giv u work ar,
    i think u emo til u quit ur job ar. lol

    not bad, popo can stay til 3am.
    i stay till 4am de LEH!

  11. walaoweh
    u think i so free watch porn ar.
    i read your blog betta lah
    porn no good liao, make ppl tired the next day one.
    wuahahaha… small girl like u shouldnt know about these…

    noti popo.

  12. haha, ppl change through mistakes de leh.
    u cant juz judge me i MUST be watching porn at night de leh.
    I do cards for the ones i care de leh.
    see, i do lots charity.
    not like u…
    dun care dun care liddat…

  13. swt… dun care dun care… later like britney spears… dun care the child like that… lol

    cool…? ugh.. vomit… cool doesnt exist in your appearance leh… only i got…


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