I woke up from my nap 20 minutes ago feeling extremely pissed. And agitated. Due to some stupid girl squealing like nobody’s business while playing badminton at the back lane. My room window is facing the back lane, so yeah, I could even hear the blardy racquet hitting the shuttlecock back and forth. And then stupid MSN is fucked up again so I have trouble signing in since yesterday. Fuck.

(Eh go away if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight ’cause I can’t guarantee no spoilers here yeah)

On another note, I wanna talk about The Dark Knight! Seems every other blog has something to say about the movie huh. Caught it the other day and I must say, it r.a.w.k.s. But yes lah, pity Heath Ledger is already dead. His portrayal of the Joker was, eerie yet intriguing. You just couldn’t help but to be drawn in. Especially the way he licked his lips and told the story of how he got his scars. Damn nice. Why must the good die young sigh.

I did noticed something in the movie though, I forgot which character but someone said ‘The nightest dark is just before dawn’. Which was really weird ’cause isn’t it supposed to be the darkest night is just before dawn? Or maybe I was mistaken lah.

And and and, I didn’t notice Edison Chen. My guess is that he appeared for all of 0.5 sec. Because when Sam nudged me and ask me is that Edison Chen, I looked closer and the guy is gone. Hmm, guess it’s a bad timing for me to blink. -_-

Oh, and I didn’t really like Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel Dawes. So I really couldn’t be bothered that she died. And I think two-face is really scary too. Too freaky looking. So yeah, I didn’t like him either. Come to think of it, I think the latest joker is the only batman villain I actually like. I absolutely hate hate hate the penguin. He was in the earlier batman movies. He freaked me out and disgusted me so much that I even used to hate batman movies. So yeah, joker rawks. 🙂

Another thing, I am thinking of shifting out next year, to be nearer to Tesco. *bigweteyes* But problem is, I can’t find housemates. T_T How lah, haih. Got any 3 people want to shift to Taman Kampar Perdana as well or not. Kgtgbai.

10 thoughts on “hostile

  1. Use something like meebo to log in your messenger instead. I too didn’t notice Edison Chan, so much for the fuss about it.


    I feel like watching again >.>

  2. Apple: Go watch!!!!! You cannot afford to miss this movie. *sigh* I heart the joker.

    Kritz: Amazing leh!!! I thought so too! In fact, I find that I look forward more to the scenes with the joker in it than those with batman in it. O.o Though I have to admit being a billionaire is, mind blowingly awesome. 😀

    Sam: Lol. Don’t so bad lah.

    tzyy: O.o Oh? I didn’t know that, shall try next time. 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

  3. i jz watch dark knight the other day,btw its d “darkest night is just before the dawn” said by Henvey Dent in during the press conference in the movie…and..and…and…i saw Edison for the few seconds…muahaha….

  4. i saw him! he was on the blur angle. guess not to ruin the movie. lol

    i like the joker alot lah. even though the actor died. i like he made joker so real!! especially he always stick his tongue out like cicak like

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