These people piss me off

I’m not gonna mention any names here, ’cause that would just make me and more people even more pissed off. But yeah, I’m feeling a tad pissed. At some people. Some fake ass bitches. Annoys me to no end. Sigh, but such is life. Things never go the way you want them to be.

So nevermind I guess, I don’t need no fucked up bitches in my life. Not like I’d die or anything.

On another note, I had my very very first pedicure today. *bigweteyes* Let’s ignore the fact that it was done in Kampar and not a proper nail salon. And while we’re at there, let’s ignore the fact that the pedicurist uses cheapskate nail polishes too okay? End result isn’t too bad. Though I’ve seen better pedicures. Maybe I’ll get a manicure once I’m back in KL and once they grow back. ’cause I had to cut short one of em as I broke it. -_- Pictures will be up later ’cause I’m lazy like that.

Wokay, this post is just here because I felt like ranting. And slapping people. Bah. I’m outta here.

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