Thought I oughta update this blog. Since it’s getting pretty dusty, ahem.

Today I had my first mid-term test of the semester. Which was PR Writing. Didn’t prepare much, so I wrote utter rubbish in the end. Don’t think I’d be able to score this paper sigh. T_T The workload in uni has been steadily increasing, till I am finally starting to feel an edge of panic whenever our lecturers mention the assignments and impending presentations and what-nots.

Next up, I’ll be having my Interpersonal Communication mid-term on Saturday. I should probably start sorting out my 8 weeks worth of notes now. Another sigh.

Oh, and I went to check out the new houses at East Lake with Ming-Y, Amelia and gang today. Houses, ain’t half bad. Though I still have to see about the facilities provided etc. Why did we go check out houses all of a sudden? Well, rumour has it that Westlake is going to increase the rental next year once our contracts end. Rumours. But I guess they probably will anyway. Just that we’re not sure how much would the prices increase.

Plus, most of my friends are shifting, so I think I’m going to go over there too. Not to mention Tesco is probably like, a 5-10 minutes walk away? I might be taking the master bedroom though, since there really aren’t much choices. And it ain’t that big either, so I guess it should be okay. The attached bathroom’s definitely a plus, ’cause then I would be able to have the entire toilet to myself. Problem is, I’m still not sure who are going to be my housemates. -_- Darling you confirm shifting or not ar?

Don’t know what else should I write, am not in a particularly hyper blogging mood today. I haven’t told my parents about the shifting and stuff yet. Will get to it tomorrow I guess. Hopefully they won’t make a fuss or anything.

Guess that’s all. Will be off to read some more manga online and off to Ghany later. Only attending one afternoon class tomorrow, yay, can sleep in. That’s something to be happy about, aite?

p.s. Anyone knows how to cure or reduce snoring? I can’t stand it. Noisy. T_________________T

6 thoughts on “Ohai.

  1. i heard sleeping on your side reduces snoring… tie a big thing like a tea leaf tin on his back, and when he tries to sleep on his back, it wouldn’t happen, making him sleep sideways, thus making no noise

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