Or at least, I feel sick. Had a headache when going out for dinner last night. And then I got a bit dizzy. And then I felt nauseous. Sigh. So I was forced to go to bed early by someone. And by early, I meant like, before 9pm? -__- Was a fitful sleep. The fact that my entire body hurts like crap the whole night didn’t help either. Sigh. Oh, and I had a fever in the middle of the night too. Or more like early in the morning.

Now that I’m awake, and extremely free having skipped both my classes today (I was forbidden to go to class -___-), I still feel a tad unwell. Urgh. I hate this feeling.

Will be having my PR Writing and IPC mid-terms next week. I’m not so flustered about my PR Writing, but I worry about my IPC. T_T 6 topics to cover and I have no idea how to study. Not to mention I have like, a ton of assignments that I should probably be doing right this moment.

Sigh. Not a good day.

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