Of Mega Sales and Blue Eyes

I have so much to blog about! 😀 This is going to be one long-ass entry so prepare yourself kay?

So I went back to KL again this weekend (I went back last week, but details should be disclosed in a password protected post just in case, that is, IF i get around to blog about it). The plan was to check out Carven Ong at Lot10 for my advertising assignment along with Sam, Apple and Vendell. But Apple couldn’t make it at the last minute and I think Vendell is lazy or something =.= so only Sam and me got back. Another reason I wanted to go back was because!!! Mega Sale started on Saturday!!!! Which was the day we were supposed to go check out the Carven Ong outlet at Lot10. Excuse the abuse of exclamation marks. I tend to get a lil overexcited whenever I talk or think about the mega sale. I almost couldn’t sleep last night too. -_-

I’m going to start from Friday so you guys won’t be that lost. Originally, we booked 5.30pm bus tickets on Friday from Edaran Express ’cause our classes end at 5pm that day. So we rushed like mad to old town after our class on Friday just to make it in time to board the bus. Guess what. After rushing there, the stupid aunty told us our tickets were sold to other people ’cause we didn’t collect them the day before. What. The. Fuck. We ended up taking the 7pm bus from Konsortium. Thank goodness I reached KL in one piece. -_-

Then on Saturday, I took the LRT to KL Sentral all by myself *bigweteyes* (first time weh) to meet up with Sam. And then from there we took the monorail to Hang Tuah. Because someone very smart bought the tickets for the wrong stop. So we had to get down at Hang Tuah to get another ticket to Bukit Bintang. -____- That aside, we reached our destination safe and sound! So nevermind lah. People make mistakes. 🙂

And Saturday was my first time at Pavillion! Yes lah, I very jakun wan. I had wanted to go there a long time ago but my house is like super far and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. 😦 Pavillion was naish! Posh, expensive, and naish. I nearly went crazy there. T_T Imagine seeing Guess, DKNY, Juicy Couture! Coach, Topshop, MNG and so many more drool-worthy shops on every corner of the mall and having not enough dough to buy them all. T______T Woe is me. Sigh.

We went to Wong Kok for our brunch first as both of us were starving. Food was not bad. But the deco was nice! They had a wall of mirrors (I love mirrors) which they stuck some I-don’t-know-what thingy that keeps changing colours.

Sorry picture quality like shit. My phone ma. -_- The pictures doesn’t do those thingy on the mirror any justice at all. 😦 It really is much nicer in real life.

After filling our tummies, it’s time to shop! 😀 He got himself a formal top from Soda (for clubbing purposes -.-). Me thinks the top’s nice. 🙂 Or, as nice as guy’s clothes can get. ‘Cause most of the time they just look the same to me.

I got myself some clothes too! Would’ve gotten myself a pair of heels from Topshop as well if not for its exorbitant price tag. T_T Nevermind! There’s always next time sigh.

High waisted skirt from MNG. So cheap I couldn’t not get it. T_T

From Forever 21. This is already an XS and yet it’s still loose. Which is one of the reason I don’t really shop in Forever 21. Sigh. The shopaholic in me die die also must buy something from Forever 21 especially since it’s the mega sale now so there you go. An overpriced pair of shorts retailing at RM79.

From Topshop! This fits oh-so-snugly. ❤ And I especially heart Topshop ’cause their jeans have a petite section! Which means perfect width, perfect length for short people like me! ❤ ❤ ❤ Wait till I save up enough money first though.

Eh, that’s all ’cause I don’t have enough money for other things I wanted (like that damn pair of heels). Oh yes, and I must thank Sam for my haagen daz ice-cream and starbucks. RM11.45 for a scoop hor? 😛 (inside joke) Oh, and the J.Co donuts as well. 🙂

After shopping, I went back to have dinner with my family and then to a small gathering session with all my good friends from secondary school. It was really fun catching up with all of them and seeing them with their boyfriends. 🙂 Conversations flowed so easily it was almost as if we didn’t stop seeing each other at all. Oh, I almost forgot to mention they were all late. -___- I waited for almost half an hour before one of them showed up. And waited for another one hour before the rest showed up. Ish. Girls and their time management. I’m guilty of that also heh.

Besides catching up with each other’s lives, I also found out something about my ex from my best friend. -_- Apparently he blogs. Again. Hmm, lousy lah me, have to have my friend who doesn’t even know my ex in person to tell me that he blogs. But that’s another story for another day. Mustn’t spoil the hyper mood of this entry.

So that concludes my Saturday. Sunday was spent waking up to yells. Shan’t disclose anymore. And I rotted pretty much the entire day till I got to KL Sentral and took the KTM back to Kampar. Reached Kampar at 12am plus. And slept so late that… *cough*

So here I am blogging! Hehe. I got my coloured lens on Friday. And camwhored like nobody’s business. You can close this page already if you don’t wanna see my face cause it’s gonna be a camwhore galore from here onwards. 😀 Imma number my pictures this time ’cause there are quite a lot of them.














That’s all. 😀 So, do I look freaky? The colour’s called True Sapphire, for those of you who are interested to get it or interested to stay away from it. By the way, which picture do you like? From #1 to #13 only lah, my shopping conquers doesn’t count. >.>

p.s. I changed my phone number! Ask me if you want to know.

10 thoughts on “Of Mega Sales and Blue Eyes


    4th pic would be the best because the rest jz dun feel right (either feels dead or terlalu over dah), this pic feels natural and it brings out ur eyes the most and i gather thats the whole point of the comparison.

    the only thing is that i can imagine ur head detached frm ur body.(perspective problem la) 😄

  2. -sqiang-: 😀 Ignore Alex. Faggot sial.

    kritz: The size is big. Not that I’m too skinny. T_T

    Apple: I wasn’t naked!!! T___T Hehehe buy me something also xD

    Alex: You talking about yourself is it? o.o

    Sam: Blek.

    Nic: Lol. Freaky meh? Boo!

    MX: Wth. Detached from my body =.=

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