I is not blind

Words, looks, actions… often heavily cloaked in confusing vagueness. They do not fool me. Yes. Talk. Point fingers. Gossip. There is nothing I can do. But my conscience is clear. And therefore, I try not to let things affect me.

What I do, might not please everyone. But what I’m doing, is only giving a chance. Not only to me, but other people too. Say as you might, for I can neither shut you up nor change your mind if you refuse to see the point of my actions.

You might think it’s not the right thing to do. You might think I’m making decisions too hastily. You might even despise me for what I’ve done. But all that doesn’t matter. Because to tell the truth, I was never a big fan anyway.

For now, I’m taking one step at a time. If it works, then all is well. If it doesn’t, then at least I’ve tried. There’s nothing wrong with trying. Is there? I wish people would just shut their big fat mouth and try to see with their eyes though. But alas, I can only wish.

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