Because I have a lot of random pictures

Note: I cut myself while washing clothes just now. Sigh, how clumsy can one get?

Went to Paddington House of Pancakes during sem break! Yeah, that’s how long ago this was taken. Keep forgetting to blog about it. -_-

The other one. Sorry I forgot the dishes names already. But I remember the pancakes in the first picture is nicer! 😀 So go for that one instead of the second one. Hehe.

Yum~ Me likey~

Hehehehe. Sneak preview. Will blog about this soon! If I’m not so lazy.

Lollipop bouquet lol. 😛 Where got people consider this as a present wan. -_-

Vulgar street sign. -___________- In Westlake some more.

My prezzie! 😀 😀

A closer look at the miniature bottle. Smells so nice. 😀

This picture has a story wan. Today I was rushing my assignment in the computer lab and since bags weren’t allowed inside, I left it outside on the shelves. When I came back out half an hour later, this orange colour voodoo doll thingy is hanging on my bag. I only have one pink mummy hanging on my bag previously, so I have no idea who put the orange one there. It certainly ain’t my friends. O.o

Some more I don’t think it’s new. There’re some stray threads hanging. Scary lah, who would go and put such a thing on my bag. Trying to curse me or give me a surprise present? Or did some blur fella go and put the doll on the wrong bag? -_- If you did this and you read my blog, do tell me who you are or at least why you did this. Damn scary okay especially since it’s a voodoo doll. For those who like to flame me, yes lah, maybe I really got a lot of haters as well that’s why they sent me the voodoo doll. Probably wants me to die huh.

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