To the person who can’t bear to see me happy

a.k.a. doubt (as written in the comment box).

I really really don’t know what you’re trying to prove here. If you have so much to say, and you think that you’re right and I’m wrong (that seems to be the case ’cause it seems like whatever I do, you’ll have something to say about it), why don’t you leave your real name or come up to me face to face and tell me?

As to the comment in the “Guess what?” post, I don’t see anything wrong with the comment. Other than the “stupid” part, which he apologised for. What do you mean by change skin? Did he go back on his words? Did he say one thing and do another? For me, I don’t see it. So if you feel so strongly about it, do enlighten me on how he ‘changed skins’ so fast.

IF you’re so damn sore about me moving on with my life so fast, come and tell it to my face. And I’ll show you HOW and WHY I got over that rubbish of an ex I’ve got so easily.

Oh, and while you’re at it, do read the reply I left for your comment in my previous previous post. If you’re really lazy, you could click on this link that’ll take you straight to the comments.

A song for my ex.

never mind you just go away
never mind you just go away
lt’s okay
l’m okay

7 thoughts on “To the person who can’t bear to see me happy

  1. lol

    Is just a comment.
    Doesn’t mean you should take seriously yea?
    If you are happy,
    then why are you so defensive?

    Maybe you are right.
    Things are too fast.
    Too fast for me to digest what is happening now.

    Btw, I am a chicken.
    What if I’ll get punch on the face?
    I dunwanna take the risk. At least I will think before doing it.


  2. I’m defensive because you can’t seem to accept that my life is better now. And are bent on making me feel miserable.

    Try as you might, J, it won’t work.

    And frankly, why do you bother so much with MY life anyway. You ain’t a part of it no more. And I really couldn’t care less about yours now anyway. You’re making it hard for me to stay friendly and neutral.

  3. Stay friendly and neutral?

    I care cuz after all, you are the one I once loved.

    I wouldn’t want you to ruin your life with your own hands.

    You were so eager to stay here to study.
    You dunwan to lose your friends in Kampar.
    You dunno what to do.
    Everyone was sad.
    Then you convinced your father to convince your mother.
    Well, you done it.

    Now, you make everyone shocked.
    No one can accept what is happening now.
    I dunno if it is only me.
    But I can see it.

    I just worried that you will lose your friends where you dunwan it to happen at 1st.
    Now you’re saying I being busy body?
    Why would I waste my time to help you find your laundry in each floors that day.
    Why would I bother thinking should I take the laundry bag when there’s mistakes and have to return if there is?

    Because whatever it is, I still care.
    The “asshole” I told you? It was an example.
    I might be an asshole to you. But I don’t show it to others.
    Atleast, I don’t show my assholeness to people who have feelings and eyes.

    Ahhh… whats the point… You will never listen. You never did.

  4. What did I do to show the ‘assholeness’ or however you put it? You ended the relationship, not me. Now that I’ve moved on and found my happiness, you seem to be unable to accept it. I really don’t understand. When we first broke up, you were all for wishing me happiness and wishing that I’d be able to find a better guy who’d make me happy. Now that I’ve found one, you’re telling me that you can’t accept it?

    Sometimes I really don’t get you. WHY is it that my new relationship annoys you so much? It’s great that you still care, but I don’t know why you have to keep penalising me and him. I’m not ruining my life. You are.

    As if you ever listened.

  5. I gave you a chance in the end. You were the one who sms me while I thought of giving another shot and go to sleep. The next morning, you say lets end it.

    What? I was ready for a another day and you say end it cuz I say I have no feelings already?

    Okay, I thought everything was fine then. And the “shifting” really made me feel, wait, made me guilty. After clear things up. I guess not.

    I’m ruining my life? Do you see me letting other girls in my room? WhoA!! I don’t cuz, at least, I dunwan you to feel “wth, so our relationship can washed away in weeks?!”

    I want things chill, not only you and me. But the WHOLE house and the classmates. You think everyone is happy with it? Everyone is “nice”. You should know what I mean. We’re all in drama club anyway.

  6. What is the point of staying on if it only adds to the misery of the both of us. There wasn’t any reason to feel guilty.

    I’m not saying you’re ruining your life. I’m saying that you’re trying to ruin mine now.

    Yes, I moved on. Maybe it was a bit too fast for your liking. But bear in mind, you were the one who said that you don’t feel anything for me anymore. You were the one who wanted to break up and told everyone about it. Initially, I didn’t think that me getting into another relationship as to make you feel that our relationship can be washed away in weeks. It wasn’t to spite you that I got together with another guy. What’s wrong with me liking another person?

    Oh, and by the way, I really have no problems if you wanna let another girl into your room. Just FYI. And I see that you have been going around flirting as usual. I don’t interfere, why should you?

  7. I’m sorry.

    Maybe my mind wasn’t clear at all.

    Seems that your way of handling things is different than mine.

    Hope you will forgive what I’ve said.

    Je me rappellerai toujours nos bonnes périodes. Je suis désolé pour faire à votre vie plus de misère depuis l’année dernière.

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