mauvais jour

It ain’t a good day for me. Early in the morning, I rushed like mad to get ready as I had mistakenly thought that the bus would be coming at 9.38am instead of 9.18am. But nevermind, I managed to get ready in time and half ran, half walked downstairs to wait for the bus with Apple and Poh Nee who both had 10am classes as well.

Turned out, the earlier 9.13am bus hasn’t even showed up yet. So we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Until we couldn’t stand it anymore and walked out to the guard house to wait. Guess what? The bus driver finally decided to show up at almost 9.40am. 20 fucking minutes late. I should’ve taken my time to get ready. Ish.

IF he had arrived on time, we would have plenty of time to take our breakfast at the cafeteria. But no, since he was freaking late for 20 minutes, we only had time to grab a sandwich before heading off to class. I wouldn’t have minded the class so much, even if the lecturer was being annoying and extremely long-winded about every single little thing. But it got worse. My menses came. And I was wearing a pair white pants. WHITE! And I’ve only bought it a few weeks ago! Bloody hell (pun unintended), why on earth would my menses come twice in a single month! Argh.

Initially, I had wanted to stay back to support the SRC team as they’re giving their speech later. But sigh, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. -_- Lucky Brian appeared at the right time so I got a ride home. Best of luck to Ming-Y, Jon, Max, Alex, Choon, Amelia and Terence! Sorry I couldn’t be there to listen to your speeches. But I’m sure you guys rocked anyway.

Now I’m back home, blogging. When I really should be doing my assignment which is due tomorrow. But heck with it lah, I’ll do it later when I get up from my nap. Am too cranky to do anything productive now anyway.

p.s. As if my day isn’t sucky enough, my stupid laptop had to go and suddenly restart itself while I’m typing half way. What. The. Fuck. I’m outta here.

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