Kampar waterfall

Last Thursday, a bunch of us decided to go to the Kampar waterfall after our classes (us being Brian, Kar May, Apple, Poh Nee, Sam and me). I’ve never been there before so needless to say, I was pretty excited that day. The waterfall is actually just a short drive away from our house and best of all, it ain’t crowded. There were only a couple of Malay dudes lepak-ing there that day so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. 😀 Thank goodness Poh Nee the professional camwhore brought her camera, so you guys can get to see how much fun we had that day hehe.

❤ clean water. Surprisingly, the water’s pretty clean except for a few mystery water bugs here and there. *shudders*

But then there were a few butterflies around the place as well. Not just your tiny average butterflies, mind you. They’re HUGE.

Yes la, very nice. But I have a phobia of bugs okay. T_T

Me thinks it was this one that stopped on me. T_____T It landed on top of my ribbon behind my neck.

Kar May, Apple, Me, Poh Nee.

Ling ling, me, toilet mate. 😀

Hohoho… this is my current MSN display pic.

Happy Apple.

Slowly wading our way to the other end.

Apple, Kar May, me & Sam.

Wondering where’s Brian?

Neh, hiding behind a rock. 😛

Splash. 😀

I died. -_-

Puteri lilin.

I guess Brian was hungry? o.o

Apple enjoying the free jacuzzi.

Kar May enjoying the free jacuzzi as well.

Me getting swept away by the current. -____-

Everyone enjoying. T_T

Struggle struggle…

Success! 😀

Happy Kampar people at the end of the trip. Can’t wait to go again! 😀 😀

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