Perfect. Just perfect. Not.

To the fucking inconsiderate sonofabitch lorry bus driver,

You don’t fucking honk like nobody’s business at 7.43am in the morning in a residential area. I can’t sleep back. Wtf I hate you. If I don’t continue sleeping now, I’m gonna fall asleep in class later. Argh. Less than 4 hours of sleep, but why am I wide awake now? 😦

edit: I just puked my guts out in the shower just now. What a perfect start to a day. Note to self: Don’t shove toothbrush too far into the throat next time.

4 thoughts on “Perfect. Just perfect. Not.

  1. LOL, i can totally understand this, stupid idiots honking like hell in the middle of the night just because he parked at the place he used to park, for heaven’s sake park somewhere else -.- but if i’m asleep, i think i’d be still sleeping, i’m like a pig =x

    what are you doing, trying to shove ur toothbrush in?

  2. -sqiang-: =.= Sorry. I hate it when people disturb my sleep. More so when I’m sleep deprived.

    kritz: I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep back! T_T How I wish I could sleep like nobody’s business too. Must be the weather here. >.>
    I was brushing my teeth. Perhaps a lil too vigorously, which resulted in me jabbing my toothbrush in too deep.

    Sam: Lol. I went home and slept awhile in the afternoon ma. 😛

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