My room is like a furnace

From the time I moved in till now, my room has always been hot. And stuffy. Not just any ordinary hot I tell ya, it’s like, the hottest room in the house. And the worse part is I’m not even joking or exaggerating. T___T I don’t know why. I open the windows, I open my doors. And yet, it is still SO. FREAKING. HOT. Sigh, and I was the girl who couldn’t live without air-cond. Woe is me. 😦

Oh, and yeah, I managed to wake up in time for my 8am class today. In fact, I woke up and got ready so early that I still had time to walk around in my room doing nothing after I’d finished dressing up for uni. Though I doubt I can ever dream of beating someone’s *coughtoiletmatecough* record of waking at 5am to steam ba chang for breakfast. >.>

Nevertheless! I’m not skipping any classes this week! 😀 Or should I say, I’ll try very very very hard not to skip any classes this week! If I succeed, that would be a first for me this semester. Heh heh. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

p.s. Hmm. I think I like you.

5 thoughts on “My room is like a furnace

  1. time to change…really change…lol
    like who like who??O.O
    erm…mayb u can try to talk with tat colorful name in ur msn and c whether he is me o not …lol
    if yes then mai know lo…if not then mai “fish” lo…xD

  2. Apple: Lol. Why cannot sleep wan? o.o Haha… of course I like you la. 😛 You’re my beloved toilet mate wad.

    o.o: Lol. I know who are you la. You’re the motor mouth cow. 😀

    -sqiang-: Hahaha… like… someone lah. Maybe it’s my toilet mate also. 😀 Lol… I know the colourful name is you lah. *coughsameemailcough*

    kritz: Hehehehehe… My nickname last semester was called PQ. Ponteng queen wth. -.=

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