Miss me? :D

I’m back in Kampar! 😀 And I’m here to stay, whether you like it or not keke.

Went back to kl and kinda celebrated father’s day yesterday. With buffet. Sigh. Last week when I went back I had buffet also. I’m just going to get fatter and fatter if this goes on. T_T

Anyway! This is just a short update to tell you guys that I’m back wahahaha. Sorry, a bit hyper. 😛

On a completely different note, I wonder what’s wrong with me. Either my recovery system is amazingly fast or I’m living in pure denial. ‘Cause I think I’m completely over him. So over him that I began to take interest in other guys’ interest in me already? Hmm. Let’s hope that I’d be able to pick someone that’ll make me happy this time around aite?

p.s. sqiang, now that I’m staying. does your offer still stands? *raisedeyebrows*

p.p.s. Oh yes, happy father’s day daddy. Sorry I couldn’t open my mouth and tell you in person. Thank you for everything you’ve done and thank you for letting me stay.

10 thoughts on “Miss me? :D

  1. Kritz: Thank you! 😀 Imma happy bunny~ *prances around*

    brian: Sei brian. Zhat me is the only thing you know ar. -.-

    SY: Hehe so sorry. I’m a lousy friend. ._.

    -sqiang-: Wahahaha finally. O.o oh? So your msn nick was refering to me ar?

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