Guess what?

I’m switching uni.

Sigh. I’ll most probably be going back to KL this Friday and never back again. T________T My mum gave me no choice sigh. I’ll have to collect my transcripts and stuff from the utar office by the end of this week. And inform the westlake office that I’ll be moving out.

I’m gonna miss all my friends here!!! And the late nights, and the freedom, and ghany, and mahjong, and westlake, and the drinking parties, and my friendssssssssssssssssssss. T________________________T Emo lah how?

39 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Alex: Alex!!! omg i can’t believe i’m saying this. I’ll miss you too sob sob. Call her also no use, her decision is final d. SOB.

    racyee: O.O Omg? You’re in Kampar? Means you’re someone I know?

    T-T WUWUWU….
    y suddenly change???…
    digi= time to change
    but no need change uni de mah….-__-
    change too much ady…=.=”

  3. racyee: Lol. O.o care to tell who you are?

    -sqiang-: Noooooo! You say time to change… ended up change so much. T_____________T I also don’t want to sigh. I have no choice. Sob sob how am I gonna tell everyone else.

  4. I’ll miss u… the trips we had n all.. the “man’s brand milk” etc etc… n ur cute cute face especially after u had ur haircut. we might not meet again T.T where will u be studying den?

  5. If got ads then u got money lo.
    LUST nothing wrong what … 😀
    and why out of a sudden change?

    btw. u posted just less than 30 mins and comments come so fast, wow, out of a sudden

  6. sephiria: Don’t want me to stay outside anymore SOB.

    catherine: I will miss you too sob sob. T___T Cannot drink the man’s brand milk again with you!! Haih, possibly KDU.

    kritz: Parent’s decision. Sigh. Yeah, don’t know what happened with the hits also. Too depressed to feel excited sigh.

    -sqiang-: I ask my mom whether I can consider or not first, she said no. It’s final. Aaaaaaaaa~ Sob. You people make me wanna cry.

  7. Partly I guess. Sigh, cannot understand them. I don’t even mind but they don’t let. ._. If I don’t wanna go back she said I’m on my own. @.@ Meaning I’ve gotta survive here on my own? Die also…

  8. …ur comment box got problem previous msg cacat-ed.
    anyway jz wanted to say if u really want to stay then it’s possible right?.. Think about it la… Dun make hasty decisions.

  9. kritz: More like the former. T________T

    MX: I don’t know! She said no more negotiations. T__T

    racyee: I have a classmate named mei yee. O.o

    -sqiang-: I also don’t wanna go… Sob sob.

    Wait, Imma beg my mom tonight. Most probably won’t work. But at least I’ve tried my best? SOB SOB SOB

  10. sad case huh.sorry if im rude la.but ur mom is so stupid(honestly) la.small small matter lidis make til so big.4k+ n rental n everything wasted nia.
    all the best for u la.
    Lili ask u eat “zhong” d or not?she dono who is u la.simply ask wan.very 38

  11. hey girl,
    all da best to u!!
    although we r not that close…but i’m happy to have a friend like u…dun forget our trip together to Penang ya…
    lastly, good luck n stay pretty always…take care too~

  12. wat ever method we know has already been given to u…lets c whether it really work on ur mom o not lor….all the best in persuading ur mom to allow u to stay here thou….IM SO GONNA MISS YOU MY TOILET MATE!!!!!!!!

  13. racyee: I tried my best. We shall know tonight. Sigh.

    Sam: Haih. No mood eat ‘zhong’ also lah.

    Karen: I won’t forget it. Thanks for your wishes.

    Apple: I’m going to miss you too my toilet mate. Sob.

  14. Wow.. it actually took me a few hours to finish this blog.. I came to know a lot of things which i didn’t, such as… how ‘stupid’ (thanks to Sam) I’ve been.

    To Cherrie: I might be strict to you, but if i’m not, you’ll be long gone. Look what had happened merely 1 month (or 1 week?) you were away from my eyes?

    Now, let’s go to the ‘switching’ part. I will not do all the ‘unnecessaries’ if you have never asked for the ‘switch’ in the 1st place? After your poor cying little face ‘scene’, I did what a mother will do – rush around town, wasting petrol, parking money, sweat under hot sun….. just to make sure another university will accept you as a 2nd semester-1st year degree’s student. Out of a sudden, I became the one who seemed to forcing you into doing something beyond your liking (or wish?)?

    Another ‘stupidity’ of mine was, before you went Kampar, we were still discussing about switching of uni, you actually ‘reminded’ me to go and ask in KDU? Of which after that i realised.. you had never had any intention at all to switch school, then.. why did you remind me for?

    I hope you have enjoyed the fun of monkeyed your mother around, and regarding the switching thing, I am not going to do the monkey’s job anymore, you can hug your friends & uni in Kampar for the rest of your life, and see if I care?

  15. ps. Thanks for the birthday greeting, I’m sure I’ll be as happy as always have been.

    & enjoy your Penang trip, and whatever future trips you’ll be having.

  16. Woah woah woah~~~ Chill out!!! Yea she prolly did asked for the change, but you must also understand and consider her emotions when she asked for the change in the first place. Did she really wanna change? Or was it just a mere statement after breaking up.

    IMO, switching unis just because of a relationship is retarded. Ya gonna change your job or quit your job next time if you happen to have another relationship with your colleagues? C’mon…

    And as a mother, I’m sure you should encourage her to face the hardships in life instead of avoiding and just switch unis.

  17. Okay, so now we get to see both sides of the picture. No one can really say who is wrong and who is right here, both have their own thing. I guess communication is really the important thing here.

  18. sigh.davin davin.i do agree wif u with ur post but when i saw The Mum’s comment.i guess she has her own point as well.she is more worried than any1 of us here since she is cherrie’s mum.So as kritz say, nobody is wrong n right here.
    For me,i think is better for cherrie to face this problem instead of running away.(just as davin said,wat if another problems occur?run again?)

    Last time my sister have trouble in relationship as well while in uni but my mum din ask her to change.She just told her that she have to face the problem n guess wat?Not only she got her degree but she also become more mature.

  19. “sad case huh.sorry if im rude la.but ur mom is so stupid(honestly) la.small small matter lidis make til so big.4k+ n rental n everything wasted nia.
    all the best for u la.
    Lili ask u eat “zhong” d or not?she dono who is u la.simply ask wan.very 38”

    I wonder who wrote this before?
    So fast change skins huh.

    The Best Award In Drama Club.

  20. both comment is written by me.any problem with that?i dont see any.the 1st comment is written by me w/o thinking much n putting myself into other ppl shoe and think how they feel.I stil think and support my point as i said i agree with davin.(just in case u r blind enuf to notice that i will show it to u)
    “sigh.davin davin.i do agree wif u with ur post”
    “For me,i think is better for cherrie to face this problem instead of running away.(just as davin said,wat if another problems occur?run again?)”

    So tell me,wat do u mean by change skin?
    The Best Award In Drama Club huh?i think it should be presented to u since u r so dramatic. Causing so much of drama around.

  21. I am sorry.

    I admit, maybe I am too childish to say these to you.
    Maybe I should have keep my distance from both of you.
    Just maybe.

    I am sorry, again.

    Hope that you will forgive me.

    And take care of her.

  22. Balls la you all…..From changing uni to a mother reading and posting on your blog…
    WTF is the world coming to…….!!!??

    All of you chill la….FYI, I am the one who should receive The Best Award In Drama Club!!!
    Coz I rock!!
    LOL….GOtta love posting utter rubbish….
    : D

  23. I’m sorry Jon.
    I wasn’t thinking straight at that moment.

    I’m a faggot I guess.
    Caring what others feel.
    I should have stayed quite.

    I’m sorry.

    Yes, you won the award.

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