Finally, an end.

I read through my past emo posts today. And I wondered, what was I doing all this while… Why was I so unwilling to let go of a relationship that is so emotionally draining. I have the answer now. I was afraid. Too afraid to change. Too afraid to let go because of the changes that would inevitably come with me letting go.

But now that I have, I found that actually, I can still live pretty well on my own afterall. Not to mention now that I’m available again… ahem. I got back a lot of attention from guys. ._. It’s a good thing! *bigsmile*

Hmm, I don’t know why, but my hits actually shot up like nobody’s business when I published my break up post. It’s either my readers are sadists, or they really care about me enough to keep stalking my blog. Or something. I’d like to think it’s ’cause they care lah of course.

See how the hits suddenly shot up? >.> T’was taken last night before I konk-ed out.

Sigh, btw, I skipped all four of my lectures today. Lazynya aku. Nevermind, a 3.5 student deserves her break once in a while. *patselfonback*

p.s. today’s my brother’s birthday. And then it’ll be my mum’s tomorrow. Happy 41st birthday mummy!

12 thoughts on “Finally, an end.

  1. hehe^^
    me to0 skip my clas
    though my gpa below pointer 3 ^0^
    ur hits suddenly shot up
    one of d reason is…
    existence of me,dis new visit0r to ur blog ^^
    btw gambateh yo ~~~

  2. kritz: Sadly, no. ._. WordPress doesn’t allow ads. Sigh. Can wan… you try and see. 😛

    racyee: Hehe… well if you don’t mind, may I know where’d you find out about my blog? o.o

    -sqiang-: Lol! Why suddenly digi digi? o.o Sigh, I don’t think I’ll be able to find out who you are afterall. You’ll know why when you read the next post. T__________T

  3. hehe wont mind
    ur blog link was in my laptop’s history
    act i lyk to read thru ppl’s blog
    cz bloggin is one of d method ppl xpressin their feelin

  4. Sam: Competition? -__- You ar? Don’t took cook again. >.>

    Nic: Yeap, and it has loads other functions too. That’s why I shifted. Yeah, I know they all care, it’s just hard to … well, T____T

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