First of all, happy 22th birthday to Amelia! You now officially join Apple in the 22 club lol (omg my toilet mate’s gonna lock the toilet door again T_T).

Anyway, my laptop suddenly decides that it’s tired of being a bitch so I uploaded some of my new pictures! Excuse the quality ’cause Kar May took some of em using Poh Nee’s phone at the mamak. So poor lighting and all, means poor quality loh.

Taken exactly one week ago. Which is the second day I’ve had this hairstyle.

Yes lah. It’s the uni’s toilet. And DON’T say I look like a 12 year old.

At Ghany’s. Thanks to Kar May playing with Poh Nee’s phone, this is now my phone’s screen saver. 😀 Blur ma, that’s why I like! Cannot see the imperfections so well. Heh.

To end this camwhore excuse of a post, I shall post a quote of the boyfriend.

“You know, the problem with weekends in Kampar is that you can’t differentiate the Saturdays from the Sundays.”

“But it’s Saturday what!!”

“Ah… Today is Sunday lah. See!!”


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