Random updates

I know I haven’t been updating properly. Nothing interesting happened these past few days. Except for the fact that most of our housemates got addicted to mahjong, including yours truly here. And not forgetting the addict of all addicts, Sam. He would come straight to our house after class for mahjong, leave only to shower a bit in his own place, come back for mahjong, go for dinner, then back to our place for mahjong again. Tsk tsk. =.- And in case you’re wondering, no, we weren’t gambling. There isn’t any money involved. Plus, I just learnt how to play like, a couple of days ago? So if we were gambling I think I’d most probably be broke by now.

Oh, besides that, we have a  total of 5 new housemates now. One is Averse’s roommate, then the other two girls occupy the second floor’s remaining double room, one guy took up the ground floor’s single room and another girl is staying in the double room downstairs by herself. Funny thing though, we have yet to see the two girls staying upstairs appear. The most we’ve seen of them is probably brief glimpses when they moved in. >.> That also means, I do not have a roommate. Yet. Thank goodness.

And I cut my hair! Unfortunately, my laptop is being a bitch. So I can’t transfer the pictures to post them up. Urgh.

6 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. Averse: You don’t have my new pictures also… And stop laughing at my hair! T_T

    Kritz: I’ve only just learnt… =.= But yeah, quite nice 😀

    Nic: Lol. Ask your friends to teach you or something. It’s nice 🙂

  2. i seen one of the hse mate (same floor as us) one of them is Jennifer (her leg got injured,currently foundation in arts) the other one is Bee Ling me thinks.Haven seen her yet.I heard frm Jennifer,Bee Ling studies english language sem 1 student.Hehehe.

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