PR Y1 S2

The new semester started yesterday. This semester, I’ll be tackling a total of 6 subjects. Please kill me now thanks. That aside, almost all my lectures this semester will be held in the auditorium. A slight improvement environment wise.

A new semester also means that there will be new May intake students coming to Kampar. Yesterday was the first time I witnessed a traffic jam in front of our uni. Terrible I tell ya. Everywhere I turn, there’ll be loads and loads of people milling about. It gets worse during dinner time. Almost all the restaurants are packed. Even if we managed to find a seat, the food takes ages to come (well, the service has always been slow, so now you can imagine how torturous the wait would be).

Ah yes, I almost forgot to mention the state of our cafeteria in uni. There’s still a grand total of ONE stall selling chap fan. Finding a table to fit all the gang is almost mission impossible now. Imagine having to queue for 10 minutes just to pay for your food. Ugh. And those new students have a nasty habit of leaving behind their dirty plates and rubbish on the cafeteria table. Which means we have to clean up after them. Stupid people.

On a lighter note, t’was Absolut Spartan’s (Jon) birthday yesterday. And of course, we’d have to celebrate it with another drinking session. One bottle of tequila, one bottle of vodka, one bottle of barcardi apple plus a bunch of hyperactive Kamparians = a very rowdy bunch. Sam and Jon were saying that they’ve never seen me drunk at all the previous parties. So their mission that night was to get me wasted. Unfortunately it didn’t work lah. Me thinks bacardi ain’t strong enough? o.o But it was nice. 🙂 I like the apple smell mmm~

Lol. All emptied. L-R: Tequila, Bacardi Apple, Absolut Citrus

After the drinking session, we still were sober enough to go mamak at ghany. Though on the way back the guys did provoke a bull into chasing them. But aside from that, I’d say we were still pretty sane. Or at least I hope so.

I’ll try to update about my Kellie’s castle trip and my penang trip soon. Once I get em pictures. 😀

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