I is happy

I’m back in Kampar. Just woke up from my nap awhile ago. I had wanted to get online when I finished unpacking but streamyx decided to be a bitch. That’s why I went to sleep. It wasn’t a very pleasant sleep though. The weather was hot, and I felt sticky. I think I’m used to my air-conditioned room in KL again.

After that fitful sleep, I woke up, and decided to see if I could access to the internet. And of course, if streamyx is still being a bitch, I don’t think you’d be able to see me blogging here could you?

The first thing I did when my computer started up, was not to sign in to my msn account, like I usually do. Instead, I logged into my Utar intranet account. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the release of my results these 2 days. Gotta hand it to Utar’s staff for their work efficiency though, my semester break’s almost over and they still haven’t release the result.

But fret not! The result is finally out today! And I actually laughed out loud in relief after seeing that I didn’t fail anything. Phew. My GPA this semester is 3.56. Better than what I’ve been getting during the course of my foundation year. Not exactly dean’s list material, but heck, I’m glad I didn’t score any C this time along. The subject I’ve got an A in is, unsurprisingly, English. Though I did manage to scrap an A- in my PR paper. Which, I’m quite satisfied with already. *causeialmostfailedmymidtermcough* The rest are just mediocre but I’m still happy lah okay. See, even the sky has decided to rain to wash away the stifling heat. What’s there to be unhappy about? 😀

Okay, I shall go and take a shower lest I become more and more hyper to the point of being annoying wtf.

9 thoughts on “I is happy

  1. Kritz: Thanks! Lol, I guess by now you’re already having your holidays. My second semester has started already. T_T

    Ponnie: Came back to go Penang ma hehe. Thanks 🙂

    Apple: Lol. What as usual. I seldom score well wan lor…

    Sam: Ehem, you memang usually do bad. Hahahahhaha 😛 Compared to me la, lol.

    GnomeFan: Lol. I guess it’s quite good. 🙂 I’m satisfied anyway. Hehe, I’m sure you can reach 3.0 😛

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