Oh randomness

I should probably be sleeping now. But I’m feeling kinda guilty here. Argh. So here goes, sorry baby for using up all your money. T_T I love you! Next time let me belanja you onceeeeee kay? Pretty please? Oh wait, you hardly ever read my blog. Ugh.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy! My level 76 ranger is officially helmed as of 09.05.2008. Ngehehehehe… Only those who play Maple will know what I’m talking about though. ._.

Time to go to bed. Yawns.

11 thoughts on “Oh randomness

  1. Kritz: Ngehehehe… Aren’t you helmed already? Yeah, hard to survive. My hp plus hb and full hp eq is only around 4k. Mine was free muahahaha. Guild zak.

    ponnie: Yeaaaaaa… guilty. T_T

    Nic: Thanks hehe. Usually rangers will only get helmed when they’re 110 and above I think. Nevertheless, gambateh!

  2. Kritz: Eeee… Why liddat wan. -_- Change guild lol. But helmed already then nevermind lo. Lol.

    Sam: Damn mean lah you. ._. Cheh, I have my ways lor… Bleh, who say 76 can’t zakum.

    Nic: O.o Really? I thought I saw you posting in forums still? About the pirate pq thingy?

  3. wtfff.!!!!
    u gt zak helm!!
    ur now proer than me and hv zak helm!!?
    i cant believe it..
    but u win coz u using my pro hinkel rite?
    btw gratz

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