I’m not dead

…just busy. Hmm… actually, not that busy. More like a combination of busy, lazy, and the lack of internet connection. Le boyfriend had been hogging his laptop for the past few days. Not that I can complain, ’cause it’s his laptop afterall. Sigh.  

I’m so getting my laptop fixed this semester break. I just have to figure out what’s wrong with it first. >.> Oh, did I mention that I’m back home? 😀 I had my last paper today, which was Intro to Mass Comm. It sucked. Eh, but wait, lemme recap on what you guys missed out the past week kay?

So on last monday, I did my Info Tech paper. Which, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t too bad as I was able to answer all the questions. But scoring an A is gonna be… a bit of a problem. Heh. And then, slacked around for a day… or two. And started going for study group with a bunch of psychology students for my upcoming Pengajian Malaysia paper on Friday. Lemme tell you, those psycho students are crazy. We watched movie and bummed around the house playing card games till almost 7 in the morning. =.= At that point I was this close to collapsing on the floor.

Then after the hellish Pengajian paper on Friday, which I crapped nonsense for both the structured questions and essay questions, we decided to go to Kellie’s Castle for a day trip! It was a freaking hot day though. I don’t think I’ve sweated this much in quite a long time… Oh wait, the past week has been super freaking hot that I have to shower 3-4 times a day just to keep my body temperature normal. =.= Silly Kampar weather. Oh wait, back to Kellie’s Castle’s trip. I’ve been there once with my family a few years back. So the memory was kinda fuzzy. This time around, it was kinda fun despite the heat. Probably ’cause a whole bunch of us went together. Chee Choon brought along his super pro DSLR and took pictures of us and the sceneries too! I will post them up once I get my hands on them. 😀 😀

Then on Saturday, we went to Ipoh to catch a movie and shopped a lil while. But before that, I walked in the scorching heat for 30mins just to reach uni to get to the ATM ’cause I had to pay my rental before going back KL. So, 30mins to uni, and 30mins back home. I spent 1 hour walking under the super hot sun! T_____T When I got back home, my feet is already two-toned! Double sob. Sigh, the problem with not updating for so long. I have too many things to talk about and everything just comes tumbling out. And I’ve gone off topic again. -_- Ipoh! Lawrence, Chiu Yen, Karen, Jeremy and me took the bus from New Town to Medan Kitt and switched another bus to Ipoh Parade. Felt like heaven when I stepped off the bus and the first thing I saw was Starbucks. Sadly, I didn’t have any that day. But fear not! Tomorrow… hehehe… The guys had originally wanted to watch Iron Man, but the GSC in Ipoh Parade didn’t show it. And due to time constraint, we had only 1 choice. According to the poster outside the cinema, the movie is a Korean horror movie and Chiu Yen was quite reluctant to watch it as she isn’t particularly fond of horror movies. But she was outvoted lah. So we went ahead and watched it. I. Regret. Not. Siding. Chiu. Yen. The cinema wasn’t even half full while the other movies were all selling fast already. Now I know the reason. The hall was freezing. While we were watching half way, the movie suddenly became a silent movie for almost 10minutes. The ghost wasn’t scary. The plot was lame. The subtitles were super fast and if you blinked you’d have missed it. Conclusion, a total complete utter waste of RM8.

After the movie, we separated into 2 groups. Lawrence went with the two girls and Jeremy with me. We walked around a bit. Bought something meant for him but ended up buying the wrong size so I had to take it in the end. And then he treated me to Sushi King! <333333 It’s been too long my beloved sushi! How I’ve missed you! That’s why lah I didn’t have any Starbucks that day. The fella went pk after our meal. LOL. Got back to Kampar around 7+ and went for dinner at old town. Coincidentally, our gang also went to the same place to eat. They’d usually eat at new town ’cause of the lack of transport. Heh.

Oh, and that brings me to my Mass Comm paper yesterday. I tried to study on Sunday. But then Jeremy went over to Lawrence’s house to watch movie. So I had the laptop to myself the whole afternoon. I think you already know what happened then. I did study for a few hours later that night though! Before I got bored and decided to go mamak. Hehehehehe. But heck with it lah, I shouldn’t even have bothered to study at all. Everything I’ve studied didn’t come out in the exam. Same goes for everyone else me thinks. The questions were damn general. General until… I don’t know how to answer ’cause one essay question is worth 10marks. 10marks and I have no freaking idea what to write about. Sigh sigh sigh. I hope I won’t do too badly this semester. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh.

This entry took so long. =.= I blogged from Monday till Tuesday omg. Eh, maybe that’s ’cause half way through I went to cook maggi and then I watched a bit of drama on youtube on the other computer. Ahem. So excuse the usage of todays and yesterdays in this post ya. Most of my housemates are only going back to their hometown today. Why did I come back yesterday? ‘Cause it was my dad’s birthday. But waste my time only lah, by the time I reached KL it was already 10+. Celebrate also finish already lah. Ish. Should have stayed in Kampar one more day. Enjoy the whole room to myself while I still can. ‘Cause I think I’ll most probably get a new roommate by the time I finish my semester break. T_________T 

4 thoughts on “I’m not dead

  1. Kritz: No lah, compared to those really pro ones, mine’s mediocre at best. ._. Yay I’ve finished mine! Good luck with yours!

    Nic: Haha… Yeah it can get pretty hectic. Best of luck!

    Apple: Cheh… No wonder can go old town. Don’t have the both of us there. T_T Evil!!! I want my nasi lemak also…

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