Two down, three to go

Imma attempt to write an eat shit sleep post today. I seldom do that, or maybe I haven’t really done it before. ‘Cause I’m not very good at remembering the events of the day. -_-

Today, I woke up at 7.30am. Initially, I set my alarm to ring at 7am but I was so sleepy I pressed the snooze button and went back to bed. Until I heard Apple showering in the bathroom. Then I kinda jolted awake. I didn’t wanna be late for my paper today you see. After I finished washing and got dressed, I went downstairs to wait for the bus together with Apple, Poh Nee and Averse. We wanted to take the 8.08am bus but ended up taking the 7.55am bus since we were all so early. o.o It’s rare to see me being so early.

We reached uni about an hour before our paper was due to start. So we went over to the canteen to study. Met Sam and Vendell who were half dead ’cause of hunger. They forgot the canteen doesn’t open on Saturdays. Lol. Anyways, we cram whatever we could in the short span of an hour and went off to take our exam at 9am.

When I saw my paper, it didn’t seem too hard so I was kinda relieved. At first. Sigh.

Lemme see, Public Relations is my major. And surprise surprise, my major also happens to be my weakest subject. I guess I could probably put it down to laziness. My coursework marks is a mere 25/40. Yeah, horrible. I think so too.

Though I don’t think I’d do too badly in this paper, I’m doubting that I’d be able to score for it. I didn’t elaborate much and I think that’s gonna cost me. Real bad. Sigh I didn’t know what to write and I think my brain was still in a half comatose stage back then. I’d be lucky to scrape a B in this paper. Though I most probably won’t. I’m thinking history might repeat itself and I would get another C. Nooooooooooo~ After the disastrous Accounting paper last year, I don’t think I’d be able to handle another C in my result. T_T

I finished the paper with half an hour more to spare so I got out of the freezing room to warm myself up. Then I walked over to Block A to collect my student bill for next semester and walked all the way back to Block D to wait for the rest of them to finish as there wasn’t an earlier bus that I could catch to go home. After that, Apple, Poh Nee, Sam and me went to Loong Foong Kok for our lunch. Lots of people were there today. Foundation students and also a bunch of scouts. Lol. Co-curriculum day? Sam kept talking and talking and talking throughout the entire time. -_- That guy seriously has a lot to talk about.

Anyway, while we were still eating, the last bus zoomed past us. So we were complaining about having to walk in the scorching sun back home. Then Apple suggested that we ask Alfred to give us a lift home. Super paiseh I tell you. -_- But thanks to Sam and his tak malu-ness, we got a ride home from Alfred! 😀 Hehe, no need to bake in the sun.

Got home, gave Jeremy his chicken rice and went to sleep. Dirty fella didn’t even bother washing his face since waking up a few hours ago. Eww. He’s now off to his study group, again, while I use his laptop to blog hehehe. Next paper is Information Technology on Monday. Gawd. And the notes are like crap. How to study?

Tonight. I shall go Ghany. Screw Info Tech.

12 thoughts on “Two down, three to go

  1. Haha… I don’t think I’ve ever blogged like this. I think. o.o

    Argh btw people, anyone using wordpress knows what is going on with my post? I didn’t post the “Possibly related post” thingy at the bottom! When I go into edit mode it wasn’t there either? How to get rid of it? I hate this. -_-

  2. Not becos i femes.ppl sure will help me la.i can make fren wif anyone.and they willingly to help me wan.i v charming guy.

    if i don talk….is v boring la.zzzzzzzzz.later i no talk.u all say i quiet.

  3. I’m not talking about Nicholas!!
    I mean, there is one who literally eat shit sleep type!
    And when he doesn’t have the time to post,
    He’ll post few days of eat shit sleep in one single post >.>

    and he doesn’t post any other things like funny stuff.
    not nic laaaaaa

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