Blogging in the dark

First of all, lemme tell you that blogging in complete darkness (save for the light from the laptop screen) using an unfamiliar laptop is damn difficult!! I keep worrying about pressing the wrong key! Haih, I know my typing skill is kinda hopeless la. At least I improved ok? I used to type with two fingers, while looking at the keyboard the entire time. Thank goodness I got passed that stage. >.>

Oh, you might be wondering why am I using an unfamiliar laptop? And why I’d type in complete darkness without bothering to switch on the light? Thus begin my sad sad story. You see, I brought down my other laptop. And well, apparently the laptop can’t go online using cable. It can only go online through wireless connection. T_T I have no idea why it’s like this sigh. When I plugged in the cable, it doesn’t detect anything! T______T Anyone of you IT wiz can help me out? So I’m now stuck here, using Jeremy’s laptop in the dark while he sleeps. SIGH.

I’m back in Kampar in case you didn’t already know. I’ll be having my first paper on Wednesday. Communicative English. So I have an excuse for not studying. Yet. But my PR paper is on Saturdayyyyy. Die-lah… But I’m so not in the mood to study now. 😦

Oh yeah, was chatting with Kritz this afternoon. He was complaining about being bored out of his mind so I challenged him to blog in chinese for 1 post. And he did! See, chinese isn’t so difficult afterall now is it? 😀

Almost 10pm now. 2 more hours to Ghany time! Now, what can I do to fill up the time eh? Except studying-lah of course. I am lazeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Another random tag I stole from Uree’s blog. 😀 Ya-lah, I’m damn free. I know.

About YOU!

Name: Cherrie
Nickname: Cherry, chilli, fruit, cherremy, 76 (don’t ask)…
Name you wish you had: Used to hate my name, not anymore though! So I guess I’ll stick with this 🙂
What do People normally Mistake your Name as: cherry, or cheerie. Annoys me to no end when people spell it as cheerie. i am FAR from cheery. -.-
Birthday: January 4th 1989
Birthplace: Penang
Time of Birth: 4pm
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
How Tall are You: 5’1″ T_T
Wish You were Taller: at least 5’5″?
Eye Color: dark brown
Eye Color You want: hazel would be nice
Natural Hair Color: dark dark brown
Current Hair Color: brown
Short or Long Hair: long!
Ever Dye your Hair a Bizarre Color: would you consider purple as bizarre?
Last Time you did something Dramatic with your Hair: bleached and dyed it purple
Glasses or Contacts: I prefer contacts
Do you wear Make-up: mostly mascara and lipgloss
Ever had Hair Extensions: nope
Paint your Nails: of course


What Color Eyes: Anything is fine I guess. As long as it’s not freakish looking.
What Color Hair: I prefer safer colours like brown or black. No blondies please.
Shy or Outgoing: Outgoing. I need some balance. 🙂
Looks or Personality: Both
Sexy or Cute: Sexay! I’ll settle for cute too.
Serious or Fun: Fun
Older or Younger than You: Older
A Turn On: Wits, charm, eyes, smile
Turn Off: lies, overprotective, disloyal
Flowers or Chocolates: Both 😀
Pepsi or Coke: I prefer coke.
Rap or Rock: rock
Relationship or One Night Stand: relationship
School or Work: school
Love or Money: love
Movies or Music: both
Country or City: city
Sunny or Rainy Days: both
Friends or Family: friends


Stole Something: Yeah
Smoked: Never did, never will 🙂
Hurt Someone Close to You: Yes
Broke Someone’s heart: Yes
Had your Heart Broken: Yes
Wondered What was Wrong with You: yeap
Wish you were a Prince/Princess: when I was young 😛
Liked Someone who was Taken: Yeap
Shaved your head: Lol. Never. Don’t intend to try either.
Been in Love: Yes
Used Chopsticks: Of course…
Sang in the Mirror to Yourself: Yeah, I like singing. xD


Flower: Uhm, rose? I don’t really mind though.
Candy: Don’t really like candies
Song: depends on my mood
Scent: fresh
Color: purple, pink, white, black
Movie: the sappy ones…
Singer: too many
Word: Uh, cuss words?
Junk Food: depends on my mood too 😛
Website: Uh, blogs. My own in particular. 😛
Location: Paris. Japan.
Animal: puppies ❤
Ever cried over someone: yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: ohh many.
Do you think you’re attractive: at times.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: I don’t really believe in fairytales anymore. But I guess, uhm, Cinderella? At least I’ll have my fairy godmother looking over me right? 🙂

I’m tagging: Kritz, Apple, Poh Nee, Nic. xD

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