Haven’t been tagged in awhile

Note: My brother just invited his friend over today. They’re both playing with the computer next to me right now. Their conversation’s tone is enough to put a super energetic man to sleep. It’s like a continuous monotonous drone. ._. “hur hur hur… mumble mumble… hur hur hur… mumble mumble…”

Got tagged by Kritz.

Rules :
The answers of the following questions must have the same 1st letter as your name.
If you don’t understand,
Just read and you’ll know.

(For question 8/9, don’t use your own name)

C, for Cherrie! What else? 😀

1. Famous Singer:
Christina Aguilera

2. Four Letter Word:

3. Street:
Chow Kit? ._.

4. Colour:
Cream. Cookies & cream mmmmm~

5. Gifts/Present:
Car! Muahahahaha! Remember ya. *wink*

6. Vehicle:
Car… Celica preferable 😛

7. Things in Souvenir Shop:

8. Boy Name:
Chris… Christopher

9. Girl Name:
Chris also… Christy 😛 (such a versatile name hor?)

10. Movie title:
Catch me if you can

11. Drink:
Chocolate milkshake. 😀

12. Occupation:
Chauffeur. It was the first thing that came into my mind. >.>

13. Celebrity:
Chris Daughtry. The bald American Idol guy.

14. Magazine:

15. U.S. City:
Colorado! I think.

16. Pro Sports:
Car racing lol

17. Fruit:
Cranberry. In my family also. 😀

18. Reason for Being Late to work:
Car broke down. Cliché much?

19. Something you throw away:

20. Something you shout:
Cockroach!!! -_______-

Aiks. Almost forgot. I tag Poh Nee, Apple & Nic. 😛

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