hari jadi buah epal

sigh i’m supposed to be studying for my finals now but instead i haven’t even taken my notes out of my file ever since i got back from kampar 5 days ago. T_T tell me i’m not dead sigh.  gawd why am i so lazy! even the guilt is not enough to motivate me to START studying how la sure die this time.

imma post pictures of apple’s birthday! a bunch of our friends came over at midnight to surprise her. 😛

them sneaking in. shhhhhh…

some of them hid in Kar May’s room while waiting for the clock to strike 12.  L-R: Kar May, Amelia, Colleen, Ming-Y, Alex & Jon

torturing Kar May’s dog to pass time. -_-

guess how old? =P don’t kill me ar ple ple!

happy birthday!

woah why am i so tanned T__T

hope you liked your prezzie!

i know i look horrible thank you very much

jon & vendell. silly kampar spartans. tsk tsk.

sam & apple

jeremy ruining apple’s picture -_-

shoooo! hehe nicer 😛

poh nee & me

winners of the most stupid photo of the year. >.>

 that concludes this post! i shall go and watch youtube now. oh wait, did you say study? ah well, tomorrow is another day. 🙂

p.s. i hate IE. how many freaking times does it have to crash in the span of an hour?? sigh what would i do without auto save.

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