Study week?

I’m back in KL! Hmm…sorry for the lack of updates recently. My life has been dull with a capital D. But fear not! There’ll be an upcoming post on a fellow fruit’s birthday recently. It’s the study week now. Which means my final exams are only a week away. During this one week break, I’m supposed to study, study and study some more. But I’ve got so much to do here!! I wanna eat, shop and drive if possible. 😛

Things to eat: Sushi! Real western food! My mom’s cooking! Other things Kampar doesn’t have!

Things to buy: Slippers, shorts, sunglasses, heels etc etc.

Things to collect: Foundation cert, SPM cert.

So many things to do, so little time sigh. Not to mention I’ve gotta study for my exams as well. Anyway, my other laptop finally has sound! Previously there was something wrong with it so I couldn’t bring it along to Kampar as it doesn’t have any sound. But now that it does, I’m wondering if I could persuade my mom to let me bring this one down to Kampar instead. ‘Cause this one’s newer, the sound system’s better, the keyboard is nicer too! Oh, and it has a webcam too.

Got to know my English presentation marks today. Got my lecturer to send my marks through email since I didn’t attend her last class. Sigh yea la I always skip English. I know. But somehow I don’t think she really minds. Some said she likes me. *shrugs* Back to my marks, I didn’t do too well. Or perhaps my expectation was too high. 88/100 isn’t too bad right? Why am I not happy then? *slaps self for always comparing with other people* English is still the only subject I don’t need to worry about in the finals though. I hope that the exam will be easy. ‘Cause I need the marks to pull up my overall GPA.

Gotta study extra hard for my PR especially. Since I failed my pop quiz and almost failed my mid-terms as well. I’ve never failed before. T_T Should’ve studied earlier sigh. I’m completely clueless about what to study for my Mass Comm as well. Perhaps that’s because I never paid any attention to her classes throughout the 14 weeks. Hmmm… Ah, and IT too. T__T No tips given. Then there’s Pengajian Malaysia. Anyone knows which chapters to focus on? I never went for the last class as well. Okay, I’m dead.

I wonder how’s he doing now? Alone in the house? Or out eating? Hope there’s friends to accompany him though. Feels kinda mean for leaving him all alone there.

p.s. Oh, I’m thinking whether to take Intro to Chinese Language or Intro to Japanese Language next semester.  The  Chinese paper is around PMR level and I’ve forgotten a lot of what I’ve learnt. On the other hand, I have no basics in Japanese as well. Decisions decisions. I guess most of you would advise me to take Japanese. Oh how I wish I could take the elementary level Chinese, then I would have one less subject to worry about. >.>

p.p.s. The new wordpress interface is kinda nice. 😀 Still need to figure out where some of the old buttons went though. =S

3 thoughts on “Study week?

  1. Chinese.. hmmm…
    I’m so worried about my chinese PMR ._.
    i scared later 7As 1B,
    or, well, maybe sejarah B too, ..

    don’t know lah T_T

    jap seems fun,
    i want to learn jap to play Final Fantasy once it comes out LOL

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