What happened to me at the party?

… nothing. -_-

It’s been pretty uneventful these days. And thankfully no one (except for one >.>) played any April’s fools prank on me.

Anyway, I didn’t manage to get drunk at the party the other day. I wasn’t even anywhere near high as I was too full to drink much. Silly me. Reminds self not to eat dinner at 9pm when the party is at 10pm. =.= I did dance though. I like dancing. Although I’m not good at it. 🙂 I miss clubbing sigh. No time no time no time. And there’re no clubs in Kampar anyway. Our nightlife consists of mamak-ing and tipping cows instead of hip things like clubbing and stuff. Yea sigh I know silly kampar people ma what to do.

We only managed to take a grand total of… two pictures that night. ‘Cause cameras ain’t actually allowed this time around.

Without flash. Apple, me, Kar May and Poh Nee.

With flash. Apple, me, Collin, Kar May & Poh Nee. Gosh stupid fat arm. T_T

Then some other random pictures of the day!

Poh Nee & me camwhoring at Ghany’s. Although I was wearing the same shirt, the pictures were taken on separate days. -__-

Chocolate shake. Tastes nothing like chocolate. -_-

Hmm… what else what else? Ooh, I’m getting back my essay test marks on Thursday, help me pray that I don’t get an eight out of forty? ‘Cause my lecturer said that was the lowest marks so far. If I get that, I’d have to go and die and then this blog will no longer be updated. You won’t want that now would you? 😦

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