Yet another tag…

Got tagged by Poh Nee and Apple. Here goes…

001.Real name: Cherrie Koay
002.Nickname: cherry, chilli, chocolate, cheremy -_-
003. Married: Currently taken.
(where’s 004?)
005.Male or female: Female
007.High school: SMK Bandar Utama
008.College: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
010.Short or long hair: Long
015.Are you a healthy freak: Puh-lease
016.Height: 153cm. Ya la ya la damn short la I know shaddap.
017.Do you have a crush on someone: Yeaps.
018.Do you like yourself: At times.
019.Piercings: 3 on my ears.
(and where did 020 go, too?)
021.Righty or lefty: Righty.


022.Surgery: Not yet. Don’t plan on getting one soon either. -_-
023.Piercing: When I was five I think?
024.Person you see in the morning: Uhm, used to be myself.
025.Award: Kindergarten! First in the entire year! 😀
026.Sport you join: Uh…running?
027.Pet: Dogs I think. I can’t remember the names.
028.Vacation: Uh… I can’t remember… was it Thailand or Singapore?
029.Concert: In 2002. I was a HUGE fan of a Taiwanese boyband named F4. ._.
030.First crush: LOL my 8 year old class mate who’s cuteee.

(and they skipped from 031 – 048. Okay, not complaining. :P)


049.Eating: Nothing. Waiting for dinner time to come. 😦
050.Drinking: H20
052.I’m about to: go to class.

Your future*

058.Want kids: Not so soon.
059.Want to get married: When I meet the right guy at the right time.
060.Careers in mind: Something glamourous! xD

Which is better*

068.Lips or eyes: Eyes.
069.Hugs or kisses: Hugs. I like hugs!
070.Shorter or taller: Taller please kthxbye.
072.Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic I think.
074.Sensitive or loud: Uh… sensitive to my needs? 😀
075.Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant.

Have you ever*

078.Kissed a stranger: No… not yet lol.
079.Drank bubbles: Yucks.
080.Lost glasses/contacts: Yes. T_T
081.Ran away from home: Yeah.
082.Liked someone younger: By a few months lol.
083.Liked someone older: Of course.
084.Broken someone’s heart: Yeaps.
085.Been arrested: Not yet. Don’t plan to. 😛
087.Cried when someone died: Whaddaya think =.-
088.Liked a friend: Yeah.

Do you believe in*

089.Yourself: I wish I do.
090.Miracles: Hardly ever.
092.Heaven: Not really.
093.Santa Claus: Gave up on the fella long ago.
095.Magics: Yes..?
096.Angels: No.

Answer Truthfully*

097.Is there one person you want to be right now: If I say the richest person in the world would you judge me for that? *bigweteyes*
099.Do you believe n God: Not anymore.
100.Tag 5 people: Brian, Kritz, Nic, Apple, Averse.

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