Of dogs and mat rempits…

Thanks to house mates who never sleeps, I am now considered outdated for blogging about this.

We went for another mamak-ing session in the wee hours of the morning again and while we were there, we talked about a bunch of ghost stories and suicide tales and scaring each other in the process. Then we walked home, as usual. Just as we were about to reach home from the mamak, there was a pack of stray dogs in our way. They were making a hell load of noise and from what I heard from the others, they were vicious. ‘Cause the same bunch of strays attacked our Bush just a few days ago.

Bush is this stray dog that always follow us at night. There was once when Jeremy and I walked back from the mamak and he followed us all the way home. He would walk in front of us and stop and turn back occasionally to see if we’re alright. Sweet dog I tell ya.

So anyway, we decided to take a detour as there were only five of us versus god-knows how many strays. Plus, we didn’t have any thing on us that could defend ourselves in case of an attack. We walked the longer route home, which means we had to get into the Westlake area through the front guard house. Which is quite far, mind you. It would’ve been okay if not for the mat rempits.

Yeah, you heard right. Mat rempits are abundant in Kampar. They especially like to haunt the long stretch of road in front of the Westlake area. We were so. fucking. scared. everytime we hear motorbikes approaching that we would get off the road and walk on the grass. The cars that passed us by kept staring at us. Which was understandable ’cause who wouldn’t stare at a bunch of teenagers walking at the road side at 2 something in the morning right. Then there was a gang of mat rempits who rev up their engines and roared past us. There was only a guy and the rest of us are girls. We avoided making any sort of eye contact and were so scared that they might turn back again. But nothing happened lah luckily. -_-

When we finally got inside Westlake, I was pretty relieved. Until we heard dogs barking again. I was so scared I almost ran. Turned out it was only Bush and another dog. -__- Bush dislikes motorcycles so much that he would chase after them and bark nonstop whenever he sees em. He was barking at a motorcycle that passed by when we heard him. So anyway, Bush abandoned his friend and walked us back safely after that. Lol.

Oh, and while we were walking home, we camwhored for a bit. Yea, scared of mat rempits and ghosts but still have time to camwhore. Tsk tsk silly kampar people.

“Your father’s road ar?!” Yea. 😛

Sigh silly kampar people.


Thanks Ple Ple for all the pictures!

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