A random picture post

Warning: Extremely random post ahead. Proceed with caution.

I have like… loads of pictures from eons ago which I never got around to post. So Imma post em all up today! 😀

I was on the newspaper the other day!

😀 Suspense some more. It’s the new Maybank card if I remember correctly.

Mamaking the other day. Was trapped in the shop as it was pouring outside. So I played with my plate of sugar. -_-

Sien sien.

We were bored okay?! *defensive*

Meet Jeremy the black pig.

Three pigs. 😀

Views from my classroom’s window.


Oh, the other day I sent my dirty laundry to be washed and was shocked when I got my clothes back. I thought it was a mixed up or something. Because, you see… my socks… they shrunk. -_-

Baby socks.

Compared to my other sock. T____T Wtf is this you tell me lar… Nike socks some more leh!!!

The other day I went back to KL and had lunch at Vivo!

The seafood pizza. I heart mussels!

This was a plate of spaghetti. Sorry… I was too hungry. >.<

Mango Delight. Delightful indeed.

Nah, one last glimpse of the spaghetti.

Pizza! Gawd damn ugly. >.>

Volcano Choc!! *drools*

He ate the cherry!


I miss being a camwhore. 😦 This was taken on the first day of CNY. ._.

Kay that’s all for this entry. Hehehe… I did warn you didn’t I?

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