Changed perspective

I’m going to like him a lot less now. Funny how things you didn’t know before can cloud your judgment so much.

Guys suck.

Up next, a partaaay on the 1st of March where everyone (almost) got wasted. Go upgrade your modem before my next update.

6 thoughts on “Changed perspective

  1. this comment is not related to your post…

    erm… could u change the name of my link to either Nic or Nicholas(which ever one u prefer)… cause kritz changed it at his blog so i think that u might wan to fo the same also…

    sry for the trouble =P

  2. oi.your next update.the picure censore abit nia.dont show some unwated picture pic i dont really care but for some others they becareful abit ok?just post mine more publicity

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