There are more to come…

Said candlelit dinner. Sorry, I only remembered to snap a picture after we finished eating and the shock worn off.

Actually, the dinner was suppose to take place during Valentine’s day. And it was supposed to be a surprise for me. But he fell sick and plan was postponed. So he surprised me on Friday by planning all that behind my back. Imagine the shock when I reached the place! One thing’s for sure, no one’s ever done that for me before and it’s gonna be hard to top.

The scenery. It was some kind of hut beside the lake.

I can see the lake even when I’m eating. Super windy. Would have been super romantic too if not for the occasional potong-steamer walking pass us. One even stopped by to ask nonsense. Talk about tactless!

The candle on the table. Like I said, I was too surprised to do anything when we reached there. So the pictures were all taken after dinner. Which kinda explains the half-a-candle.


Next up!! Ipoh road trip on Thursday! I know that the chronological order isn’t right, but I haven’t gotten the pictures of the road trip yet. Patience!

A sneak preview…

The famed rooftop of JJ. Perfect venue for camwhores in the middle of the night.

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