I am so random dot com

I feel like getting my own domain. But I don’t know what to name it. ._.

This is officially mid-term tests week. I had my Pengajian Malaysia and Information Technology tests on Monday and a Public Relations test coming up this Thursday. The first two completely bombed so I’m hoping that the third one would be better. I hope.

The other day when I was bored out of my mind, I went and browse through my archives in my old blog. Then I started to wonder, where did all my readers go? o.o Or rather, why haven’t people been commenting. The hits are still there, but the comments ain’t. Gawd, they’re all turning into silent lurkers? *shivers*

Quite a lot has happened recently. But I haven’t got around to blog about them. Did I mention we’ve a new house mate now? I had his pictures but unfortunately my phone died so I couldn’t post em up. His name is Averse, aka Rambutan. A nice guy, when he’s not bullying me. >.>

My phone is currently in the phone shop, fate unknown. I’m hoping, hoping and hoping that it would either be too expensive to be repaired, or drowned beyond repair, so that I can get a new phone. But I have no idea which to get since the sales person said the phone that I originally wanted is very problematic. So, sigh. Anyone care to recommend a decent Sony Ericsson phone? My budget is around 1k since my dad won’t allow me to get a too expensive phone. -_- Maybe he’s scared that I’d spoil it again?

Oh, and I need a haircut and a new dye job soon. My roots are starting to show already. T___T Why does it have to grow that fast?

3 thoughts on “I am so random dot com

  1. Yea only left like… you who comment. ._.
    Domain needs money, like maybe USD30 per year I guess? But it’s possible to earn back with ads. Possible only though.

    Lol-ed at the second suggestion.
    Haha… I like Sony phone. Nokia too laggy, too problematic, camera not as good, sound system not as good… etc etc… Imma get bashed by Nokia supporter. .___.

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