Goodnight, sleep tight.

The electronic clock on the table flashed 3.38am. The only source of light in the room is coming from the laptop screen. The tapping sound on the keyboard is magnified ten times in the dead of the night… Staring blankly at the laptop screen, the girl’s face is passive as she types. A pause. What should she write? This feeling inside her, all these thoughts, she had no idea how to turn them into words without sounding a a babbling idiot.

Sighing, she turned away from the screen and looked around her room. Her bed is cluttered. The laundry basket is overflowing. Yet, she is in no mood to clean it right now. She contemplated sleeping without her clothes tonight, the stifling heat of the room is making her skin clammy. Sleep is elusive once again tonight.

She groped around in her drawer, trying to see in the dim light. Her hands closed around a small glass bottle. Without looking at the tiny label, she unscrewed the bottle and popped two pills into her mouth.

Still, sleep would not come. Her patience is running thin, she is tired. Yet, her mind refuses to shut down. Frustrated, she opened the bottle again and poured all its content onto her palm. One, two, three, four… twenty six, she counted. Popping all of them into her mouth at once, she gulped them down with the help of the glass of water on her bedside table.

Closing her eyes, images of him flashed across her eyelids. His voice rang in her head. She could almost smell the scent of his shirt… Vaguely, a melody rang. Her phone was ringing. Who could be calling her at this time of the night, she wondered. But her limbs have suddenly grown heavier, and heavier… So much that she couldn’t lift them up to pick up the phone.

As she fall into the depth of unconsciousness, the last thing that she remembered was his face, a face she knew she would never forget. Even in death.

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