Life’s no good

You heard me right. Life’s been pretty horrible for me ever since I came back to Kampar after the cny holidays. I got sick. All thanks to my fantastically spastic brother who sneezed and coughed until he infected me with his stupid viruses. Then, he’s satisfied. Bastard. So now I’m left with a raspy voice and zero appetite. Whee~ Gastric is my new best friend since I can’t eat anything without feeling like puking em out even though I’m starved.

And I’ve got an assignment due on Thursday, which I haven’t started doing at all. And 2 mid-term tests coming up next week. Plus, I’m still pretty much in holiday mood. Gah!

And V-day is coming.

Me + no presents + no idea how to celebrate + classes until 6 in the evening = BAD

7 thoughts on “Life’s no good

  1. that’s weird, normally when i get sick, i’ll get bored coz i can’t do anything,
    and start to find food to eat ._.
    since when girls need to plan out valentine’s.
    just wait for the other half to do it all for you :3
    happy valentine’s in advance =D

  2. Kritz: Mine’s like no appetite at all. T_T So I can’t eat anything…
    Hahah…first valentine’s together, so thought wanted to do something. Anyway, happy valentines to you too!

    unstable: Yea, it’s sad. T__T And I’m up till 2am doing assignments some more. Sob.
    Happy valentines!

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