Ha Ha Ha

Oh the irony…

I’m finally back in Kampar! And there’s internet connection (about time too…)! Which means I can blog as often as I like now. BUT! My pictures are all not here… My phone took a swim last night and died on me… and the pictures inside went along with it… so I’m stuck with my dad’s phone which doesn’t even has a camera… T___T

But I’ll admit it’s all my own fault… It fell out of my pocket and straight into the pail when I bent over… Sigh… me and my clumsiness. My dad’s talking about repairing it, but I’m hoping that it will be drowned beyond repair, so that I can get a new phone! Kekeke…

Right now, I’m allllll alone in this big empty house, still trying to figure out how to use my dad’s phone properly. Oh, and please sms me your number as I lost most of em… Pretty please?

p.s. Oh, and remember there was once a sicko spamming my old blog? Apparently he hasn’t died (why oh why?) and has found my new blog. Why haven’t his sick comments been appearing on my blog then? Guess what dumb fuck? WordPress can directly delete your comments without even needing me to see em. Ha Ha Ha! Look who’s got the last laugh now?

4 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha

  1. HAAHHAAH … oops.

    try hairdrying ur phone 1st?
    i thought camwhores don’t use phone to take pictures?
    my friends have a separate camera….
    unless your phone is like a 5MP phone or something ….

    ur blog got spider web lah…

  2. T______T

    I didn’t thought of blow drying it… It’s too late now! Left it in KL…
    Well, this camwhore uses her lousy phone camera cos her mom scared that she’ll spoil the camera if she uses it…

    Hahaha… No worries, I’ve employed a couple of maids to clear em… I HATE spiders…

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