I’m really sorry

about not updating. Don’t give up on this blog just yet will ya? 😦

I’m back in KL for the CNY holidays! Got back on Friday via the Konsortium bus along with Apple, Poh Nee, Kar May, Lay Zong, Vendell and his gf… I supposed many would’ve heard about the recent bus crash that killed 3 people and the bus that crashed was one of the Konsortium buses… So I’m pretty glad that I got back still in one piece.

And I’ve gotta finish my shopping in less than 48 hours. So far, I’ve gotten 3 tops and a dress. Need to buy more! I have loads of pictures to post! But I can only upload them into my laptop which can’t go online since the lightning struck down my router on Saturday… Sigh, problems with living in a lightning-prone area… My computers get struck so often I even lost count of em… So as soon as I get a new router, Imma post allllll the pictures up! 😀

Oh, I almost forgot about my assignments. T_______________T I lost count of the amount of assignments I have to complete during this holiday and to make matters worse, I left all my notes back in Kampar. Time to contact Apple for help. -.-”

p.s: I think I miss my boyfriend. I’ve been having weird dreams these few days and he keeps popping up in em. o.o

6 thoughts on “I’m really sorry

  1. “I think I miss my boyfriend”

    of cuz miss la…cuz dat day he made u ‘rain’ in d bus.

    need my help ar??hmmm….will try to help if i can as some of my notes also in kampar…muahhaha…wtd holiday mood wat 😉

    happy CNY to u.c u bak in kampar.i’ll only b bak on mon 2avoid traffic jams.

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