Happy belated birthday?

Since Wednesday is a public holiday, a bunch of us decided to go to Ipoh for a trip. (Btw, when I say a bunch of us, I meant 17 of us.) It was fun, but once I got back here, I got sick. -__- Maybe the heat finally got to me. Sigh…

Oh, and while we were away, the internet people came over to fix internet lines. @#^&&$@&^#( They freaking drilled a hole in my room while I was away! Grrr… Why couldn’t they learn to give at least a notice in advance so that I could keep my stuff safely out of the way? What if my laptop is gone huh? Brainless babis…

I have a feeling that my blog is already half-dead. I can’t even update properly with all these people staring at my back. T__T

Imma blog about my birthday 20days ago. Yea, better late than never right? 😛

My birthday cake.

Finally. You know who the ‘bf’ is. -.-

Me cutting the cake. Gawd, I look damn ugly. T__T

Cute little violin that keeps getting mistaken as a guitar.

Poh Nee made us do that so that she could take a picture. -_-


Brian’s hand. Jeremy’s face. My oreo cake.

Kay, that’s all.

p/s: All pictures are stolen from Poh Nee. Heh…

4 thoughts on “Happy belated birthday?

  1. I WANT TO EAT ._.

    for my birthday, i had 3 slices of cake =D
    1 from secret recipe, 1 from my mom’s friend, and 1 from my church friends o.o

    anyway, Happy Belated Birthday =)
    ur blog is semi-dead ._.

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