I’m now blogging from my uni’s computer lab. It is still not a very pleasant experience for me. For one, I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour before I could blog in peace as the girl who was sitting beside me just now thinks that staring at other people’s computer screen while they type is a very normal thing to do. Another thing is that, there’re only 32 computers in the lab, with god knows how many internet-deprived students waiting to use them. I can’t wait for the internet service to be up at my new place. Then, I wouldn’t have to go through all this again. Then again, maybe I should do this more often. I’m logged on to this computer using my old student ID number, and according to the little bar on top, I’ve only used up around 200 of my 3000 credits given last year (we need credits to access to the internet in campus). Might as well just use it all up since I’m gonna be using my new ID soon anyway.

Yesterday was lousy. Very. I missed the 4pm bus back to Kampar and had to wait till 8pm for the next bus. 4 hours in KL with a tonne of luggage is an absolute nightmare! Sigh, I swear I’m taking the LRT the next time I’m going down to KL. I think I’ll go nuts if I were to experience the traffic there everyday. -___- Ended up reaching Kampar at almost 11pm. Which, in turn, caused me to oversleep this morning and almost missed my bus to uni. Thank goodness for Apple. Hehehe thanks ya. 😛

Oh, and speaking of my uni. There’s this new guy in my class that looks a teeny lil bit like a Caucasian. His eyes looks gray. Hmm… I wish my eyes were more like his instead of the sepet chinese eyes I’ve got. T__T

p/s: The internet here is driving me crazy. The internet would be disconnected all of a sudden and I had to log off and log on again. Which means everything that I’ve been doing half way would be gone. Thank goodness for wordpress’ auto save feature. -_________-

5 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Kritz: Serba salah? o.o Why?

    unstable: Lol… Can’t help it. I’m a very bad packer.

    keili: Mine is fully wifi-ed. I think. But my laptop is heavyyyyyy… T_T

    netster: Lol… No-lah… 😛

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