I’m home for the weekend. Internet! Ahh… and the bliss of being able to blog in private. I was never one to be comfortable with blogging in public, be it at the cyber cafe or the uni’s computer lab. So, yea, sorry for the lack of updates. But never mind that! I’m home now! Which means I can finally blog in peace and update this dying blog.

Was home since yesterday. Took a bus for almost three hours with a driver whom I suspect isn’t quite right in the head. He kept talking to himself throughout the journey. At first I thought he was talking to the conductor of the bus or perhaps talking on the cell phone… but a closer look told me he was doing neither… which means… -______- But thank goodness I arrived in Pudu with all my limbs still intact. Albeit with a slightly sore neck as I fell asleep in the bus.

I’ve pretty much settled in my new house now. Love my housemates, not quite loving my own room. For one thing, my room seems to attract my mortal enemies. Bugs. Loads of em. My entire body is covered in bug bites, which means I can’t wear my shorts and skirts, which annoys me to no end. It also doesn’t help that the mosquito repellent thingy I bought in the convenience store doesn’t really work against those stupid insects. Sigh.

Oh, and I celebrated my first birthday away from home last week. It was a quiet affair as we just bought a cake and celebrated at our new home. But as it was my first birthday celebrated with a bunch of my friends, it was kinda nice. Ah, and quite memorable too. Because in the short span of 24 hours on the 4th of January, we experienced two black outs at my new place. Some people just seem to have all the luck huh?

I’m also learning to cycle. Yes, I can’t cycle, laugh all you want. I didn’t have a bicycle when I was young okay?? When other kids were busy learning how to cycle, I was learning the fine art of roller blading. So, yea, I never learnt how to cycle all my life. But life in Kampar is actually pretty dull, so with the aid of a bicycle, I might be able to cycle out to town for some fresh air or to get to the internet cafe without having to rely on other people to take me here and there.

Oh, and we girls had a little make over session for Jeremy on Thursday. We were painting our nails and he was the only guy at home as Brian went back to his grandpa’s place. So naturally, we goaded him into letting us paint his nails. Pictures are still with Poh Nee but as soon as I get my hands on them, I will let you guys have a look at the manicure we did for him. 😀 I wonder when’s Brian’s turn eh?

Oh, and my new campus! How could I forget to mention that huh? I don’t have pictures because my dad wouldn’t let me bring the camera down to Kampar but I can tell you that my new campus is pretty awesome! At least, it is waaaaay better than my old campus in PJ. The new campus looks something like those universities you often see in those Taiwanese dramas. YES, I’m so not joking. And the campus is surrounded by a lake, which means there’s often a light breeze blowing. Sigh, I swear I’m getting a camera soon. Or at least, a new phone with a better camera.

One good thing about staying away from home is that my mom seems to think that scolding or nagging me when I only come home about once a week is not very nice. So, she’s been pretty nice and I wasn’t even scolded or nagged at all since I came home yesterday. But the downside is that I tend to eat more when I’m away from home. More as in, I have to eat rice almost everyday since the cafeteria in my uni only sells economy rice for the time being. I was never a big fan of rice and I tend to get fat if I eat too much of it. So, yes, I’ve gotten fatter. T____T I hadn’t really realised it until I took my passport photos today and my mom commented that my face looks bloated. SOB. I’m so NOT eating rice for the next couple of weeks. Wait, that means I’d have to starve. Ah well, one can always survive on noodles and biscuits. Oh, and Starbucks too. Definitely. Maybe that once a week trip will be worth it if I get to have my weekly dose of caffeine from Starbucks like today. Mmm~

I just dyed my hair today. It’s supposed to be some sort of mahogany brown-ish colour… The last time I dyed it was almost a year ago. That time, it was purple. Though I would’ve liked dying it purple again, I don’t think my hair could stand all that bleaching once more. So this time, I’m sticking to brown… safe, boring brown.

Bought some stuff to be taken down to Kampar again. A laptop cooler so my laptop won’t overheat again, cereals because I’m staying off rice for the time being, fabric softener as I have to do my own laundry now, cockroach trap for the disgusting brown creature that might appear again and some other things which I can’t recall now. Right now, I’m wondering how to lug all that and a laptop back to Kampar, from Pudu. -__________-

Since this entry is already damn long, I might as well tell you a bit about the subjects I’m taking this semester. The plus side is that there are only 5 subjects this semester compared to the 6 I had to take during foundation, the down side is that I had to do one subject in Malay; A LAN subject which is compulsory for all, Pengajian Malaysia. Like the name suggests, we had to learn about Malaysia. Which can only mean one thing, Sejarah is back to haunt me once again. I used to fall asleep in my Sejarah classes back in my secondary school days. I still remembered that I was sitting in the first row back then (courtesy of my height, I’m always sitting in the front few rows in the class) and I would be dozing off right in front of my history class teacher. Thus, earning me the sleeping beauty nickname. Cheeky teacher eh? >.> I’m so now looking forward to repeating that history. And I haven’t been using BM ever since I graduated from secondary school 3 years ago, so it’s all rusty and some words are long forgotten. I’d be lucky to be able to string two proper Malay sentence together these days.

The other subjects were a little easier compared to Pengajian Malaysia. We have Communicative English this semester. Which, despite what the lecturer says, I still think is a repetition of what we’ve learnt back in semester one in the foundation year. Only back then, it had a less fancy name. Just plain English. We also have Introduction to Mass Comm. Coincidentally, we had a subject called Writing for Mass Comm last year, too. And then there’s Introduction to Information System, or Information Technology, I couldn’t remember which. That one seems a bit like the Computer Studies subject we had, too. The last one is the most important one as it is one of my major subjects – Introduction to Public Relations. I’m hoping to do well in my first semester as there is an English subject. Hopefully it will help pull up my CGPA a little so I would be able to breathe a little easier.

That’s about all for this time I guess. If you haven’t already fallen asleep reading this loooong entry… I’ll have you know that I’ll be getting my laptop configured at the uni’s ICTC place soon so I’d be able to go online in the campus with my laptop. Then I’ll be able to blog more frequently. I hope.

p/s: I almost forgot! There’s a funfair near my new place in Kampar. The other day, I went for a ride in the tiny ferris wheel and also the spinning chair thingy that can be found in Genting Highlands, only, the spinning chairs ride is much much smaller compared to the one in Genting. Wasn’t very fun, but by Kampar’s standard, I’d have to say it might even qualify as exciting. And did I mention the pasar malam there is huge? I think I had more fun in the pasar malam than in the funfair.

p.p.s: Just to show you how fat I’ve become. Here’re some camwhore pictures I took in the car earlier this afternoon. I was bored on the way to the mall. So here, my fat pictures. T____T

Normal expression. Because of all the pictures I took in the car, this is the most normal looking one.

The lighting is kinda nice. I think I was passing through a tunnel at that time.

The pout. SEE the double chin??????????? T_______________________T

I heard from dunno who that taking pictures from above will make your face look slimmer. Why doesn’t it work that way for me? =.=

I ain’t called a poser for nothing you know?

The rest of the pictures are too depressing to put up. Plus, I’m tired and my hair reeked of dye chemicals. I’ll have to bear with it till Monday and my head is already starting to hurt and the smell is really nauseating. Time to pack up the laptop and go to bed. Yawn. A three hour bus ride back to Kampar. I’m so not doing this every freaking week.

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